Mary Young | MARY YOUNG, Self Love Club

I remember it clearly. Standing in front of my mirror in my bra and underwear, analyzing my body. Every curve, dimple, wrinkle and bone stood out to me. I listed all the things that were wrong, that bothered me, and all the things I had to fix to be better, more attractive, and ultimately, happier. Not only did I list the negative physical traits, I went one step further. I was dealing with chronic pain at the time, between severe migraines, back pain and my recent diagnosis of endometriosis, I looked at my body like it was failing me. Not only did I not look ‘right’, I couldn’t heal, I wasn’t strong and I felt trapped in something that I didn’t want to associate with.

Kate Webster and Morgan Krieger | I Love Nice People

I Love Nice People is a clothing line started and inspired by the idea that "if people encounter the phrase “I Love Nice People,” in their everyday lives, the act of being nice will subconsciously become engrained. We are hopeful that this expression will eventually change people's attitudes and perceptions toward each other. We design and sell apparel and accessories with the simple phrase, “I Love Nice People.” We hope that by being exposed to the phrase, whether you are passing by it or wearing it, a thoughtful reaction will occur and make you act with kindness in your everyday encounters."

Ilana Ariel | Jewelry Designer, Founder of ILANA ARIEL

Artistic expression, a concept that has been instilled in my heart and mind from a very young age, is one of the main forces that has guided me through the past three decades. As a child, I was exposed to heavy subject matters as all four of my grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust. Since my siblings and I were so young, my grandparents and parents used poetry, art and cinema to tell stories of inexplicable horror as well as lessons of perseverance.