How to Use Your "New Grad" Status to Meet the People Who Will Change Your Life

You’ve just graduated and you’re on top of the world. Now what? Post graduation, you might feel like a fish out of water. In a sense it’s kind of like you’re a freshman in the class of real life. The job search process can be challenging when the “experience” hiring managers value feels unattainable. How can you be expected to get experience without any experience in the first place? At times you may feel you’re at a major disadvantage by being a newbie to the real working world, but there is no better time to use your “new grad” status to meet the first series of people who will change your life’s trajectory. Here’s how.

Catie Prendergast and Hana Raskin | believe me

believe me is the brainchild of Hana Raskinand Catie Prendergast, both native New Yorkers who came up with the idea one day at their favorite summer spot, Rockaway Beach. Catie is a writer who always secretly wanted to design clothes, and Hana is a student of Global Gender Studies at NYU who wants to right some of the wrongs she is learning about.

Skylar Marshai | As You Are Intimates

I usually tell this story and get a good gasp or two, but I started my company at 15 years old. [insert unsure shrug here] It was, at the time, one of my many new hobbies that I picked up. I had a lot of idle time, a love for fashion and an interest in making my own money for once. I talked my parents into getting me a sewing machine and, "the rest is history." I started tinkering with men and women’s apparel, switched to specifically women’s apparel when I was about 17, and committed to lingerie at 19 (I’m now 20). There’s the timeline. The story behind the brand itself is a bit more of a mouthful.  

Fiona Grey | Singer/Songwriter

Being a female in the music industry was something I never thought about early in my career. I realized the sexism in our society, but still had an optimistic viewpoint on it -- especially getting perspective on how women in other countries live. There were three things that surprised me early on in my career and quickly gave me an understanding of the elements that sucked about being a woman in the entertainment industry.

Lindsey Eryn Clark and Lauren Palomares | Founders, Wild Hearts Conference

We created to Wild Hearts Conference to fill the need that we, as a dreamers, were experiencing. Our whole lives, we were told to chase our dreams and were given this fairytale idea of what it meant to go after your ideas. However, a couple months into building our business — we realized, chasing a dream is not whimsical like a fairytale. There’s a lot of grit, determination, and bravery that are laced in with the whimsy of dream chasing.

A Day in the Life of Molly Portier

There is something really special about playing a show in your hometown, or for me, a place I’ve always called a second home. My name is Molly Portier and I’m the singer of the New Orleans alternative blues rock band Blonde Roses. I was 15 years old attending my first Jazzfest, watching John Mayer play with stars in my eyes, and it just kind of struck me in that moment - I want that to be me one day.

Larissa Vale | Black Satellite

Growing up I was always a solitary person, often spending hours on end by myself without any other interaction. I would just sit in my room with my guitar and stay up all night dabbling with ideas. My approach to songwriting has always been through vulnerability and honesty. I’m more comfortable than most at communicating my thoughts and feelings. Even if it’s something inherently personal, I’ll have no problem blurting it out so long as it’s relevant. I’m just very comfortable with the person I am.