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And there is no greater indicator of an innovative culture than the empowerment of women. Fully integrating and empowering women economically and politically is the most important step that a country or company can take to strengthen its competitiveness.
— Alec Ross

Image by Catherine Powell

Image by Catherine Powell


Los Angeles, California

If I were a glass of wine I'd be... The driest and most full-bodied glass of red you could find.

My favorite book is... The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I had to buy another copy after staining the first one with my tears.
I never leave home without... Some form of paper and a pen - you never know what you'll be too paranoid to write in your phone but won't remember if it's only in your head. And Chapstick. I always try to remember Chapstick.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: Being an #entrefemmeur means being willing to push past your boundaries and try. Oftentimes people think that you’re only pushing yourself when others can see the results. I disagree completely. Sometimes pushing past your boundaries means getting out of bed on a day when you feel like you can’t. Those that always push and try, even for the smallest battles, those are my #entrefemmeurs.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @norahenick Twitter: @norahenick

Welcome from Nora


London, England

If I got to choose a superpower it'd be: Teleportation. Spare five minutes? Pop to Fiji!
My favourite song of all time is: Hotel California by The Eagles.
I am afraid of: Spiders. Animated monkeys. And driving.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: I think, for me, the idea of being an #entrefemmeur is mainly about opportunity? I don't think every woman needs to be a CEO and I don't think there's one kind of success we should all be aiming for. But I do think that every person should be able to choose their own goals - and being a woman shouldn't hinder anyone in their pursuit.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @gemmastyles Twitter: @gemmaannestyles  Facebook: Gemma Styles Online:

Welcome from Gemma



Louisville, Kentucky

If I were an animal I'd be: An elephant! They travel with their families and never forget them so I think that's quite special.
The thing I love most about my job: The connections I get to make with so many rad people! It's creative and always changing, plus it's my passion so it never feels like a job.
Favorite social media platform: Instagram! Pinterest is a close second.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: Always making yourself proud, breaking boundaries and doing what you love.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @marismac Twitter: @marissacundiff Pinterest: @marismac

Welcome from Marissa


San Francisco, California

My most used iphone apps are: Instagram, Postmates, Snapchat.
My online shopping addiction: AllSaints, Free People & Amazon.
My favorite movie: I could watch Uptown Girls and Love Actually on repeat.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: Constantly pushing creative boundaries and having a never ending drive to improve.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @tayst Twitter: @taystdesign Pinterest: @taylorstclaire Online:

Welcome from Taylor

Image by Kayla Feeney
Image by Kayla Feeney


New York, New York

Favorite Instagram Account: @thedogist
If you were a food dish you'd be: Burrata with heirloom tomatoes, sea salt, and olive oil.
If you could have a dinner party with 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be?: Ina Garten, Louis C.K., and Gordon Ramsay.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: Trusting yourself to take you where you want to be.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @jennarosenberg

Welcome from Jenna



Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California

My favorite possession is: A journal - I write down one thing I’ve learned, read, or enjoyed every day. Did you know “unputdownable” is a word?
I should have lived in: The 20’s for the clothes, the 40’s for the movies, the 60s for the music, and the 80’s for the glitter and all around disastrous fashion choices I could have made.
Side of fries or a salad: Fries. Always fries.

What being an #entrefemmeur means to me: Taking chances. Not being afraid to ask for help, and not being afraid of helping others. Saying “Yes” to opportunities without fear of failure.

Where you can find me: Instagram: @cmjan Twitter: @cmjmv

Welcome from Claire


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