La Femme Collective is a community created to support and celebrate the career development of women. We are a global online platform that aims to be an open, easily accessible space for story sharing and free flowing discussion. Our goal is to grant access to the real lives, mistakes, and lessons of #entrefemmeurs who are forging new paths, inspiring others to follow. We are here to be the voice that encourages women of all ages - we can't break the glass ceiling if we're not standing tall together.

Launched in March 2016, we are curated by founder Nora Henick, the team at La Femme Collective, and our community, so please feel free to share your story or ask a question.


"And there is no greater indicator of an innovative culture than the empowerment of women. Fully integrating and empowering women economically and politically is the most important step that a country or company can take to strengthen its competitiveness."

-Alec Ross, The Industries of the Future