10 Things That Require Zero Talent

10 Things That Require Zero Talent
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While the majority of women lust after a “better” version of themselves, few are certain of how to commence their self-growth. Spoiler alert – it begins with your mindset. I recently came across a bold list of 10 Things That Require Zero Talent that encapsulates the most critical traits for enhancing yourself as well as developing your own success. This subtle list caught me off guard with its refined honesty and left me feeling empowered. I’ve met far too many women that posses so much ambition along with a terrible misconception about success. This is a reminder that you don’t need a great deal of money, talent or connections to build yourself into someone you admire. By paying mind to these Ten Commandments (if you will), your day-to-day life will improve and doors of opportunity will manifest. That’s a promise. 

This attribute is number one on the list for a damn good reason. Very rarely is it acceptable to show up late to anything you commit to. Whether you’re headed to an executive meeting to discuss Valentino SS18 or a friendly lunch date at Sugarfish, your punctuality is entirely in your control. Do not overbook yourself. Hit the road sooner than necessary to compensate for any unanticipated setbacks. No cheap excuses. Honor your word through your actions; otherwise your intentions are good for nothing. There is not a thing in this world more insulting than wasting another person’s time. 

If being late is painstakingly unavoidable: my best advice is to simply communicate (and the least you can do is arrive late with a peace offering – some donuts and coffee should do the trick!)

As Jerry West said, “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” Don’t sell yourself short; your main priorities deserve your undivided attention. Work honestly and to the fullest extent each week. Take advantage of the resources around you. Earn your days off.

3.    EFFORT
Put your whole heart into personal and professional aspirations alike. If you half-ass the things that matter to you, you will resent yourself for it. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The way we spend our time and energy separates the #HBIC from the average Jane.

Choosing your words carefully ensures that you will get your message across appropriately with little to no misunderstandings. The only thing that will expose your true feelings in any situation is your body language. Your face, eyes and voice tone show every emotion that you’re attempting to hide. Be sincere and act out of compassion. Additionally, pay mind to how you carry yourself. Good eye contact and firm handshakes exude confidence.

5.    ENERGY
Your level of physical energy is singlehandedly responsible for the quality of the work you produce each day. Wake up early and develop a plan. Caffeine is your best friend in the morning – Café Bustelo Espresso works miracles. Take pride in how you exert yourself by being productive and visionary. Being petty and hateful, on the other hand, practically screams that you’re bored and have no better way to spend your time. Do yourself a favor and avoid the latter.

Similar to energy, your attitude sets the tone for your day. This includes how others interact with you and the way the world treats you back. The “perfect” attitude lies somewhere between optimism and pessimism. Optimism allows you to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Pessimism reminds you that not everything will work out in your favor; and if it does, you’ll be overjoyed. This grey area gives us a sense of reality. With that being said, take all life’s curveballs with a grain of salt and be open to other ways of doing things. You have the power to fix almost anything about your life that doesn’t satisfy you. As far as the things you can’t change, make peace.

You’ll work best and achieve the most out of life when your passion becomes three things: your purpose, your profession, and subsequently, your paycheck. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart when considering whether or not to pursue the opportunities that present themselves. As Anna Jepson touched based on in a recent post, be transparent about your career goals. It’s good to vocalize what you’re looking for in life because you never know which of your mutual friends may be able to help you get your foot in the door. Passion for anything in life is the foundation for achieving great things. Anything that naturally draws your attention and holds your interest is doing so for a reason. “Everything in nature invites us to constantly be what we are” – Gretel Ehlrich.

Genuinely be willing to learn. No matter how established you become, the desire to gain knowledge will always allow you to grow and prosper. “Don’t be afraid to take time to learn. It’s good to work for other people. I worked for others for 20 years. They paid me to learn,” THE Vera Wang eloquently advised.
•    Take notes from those who inspire you and implement techniques that appeal to you.
•    DON’T Copy a co-worker’s every move. It will be painfully obvious.
•    DON’T Think that asking for help will make you look vulnerable and weak. We all break into an industry the same way – from the bottom. 

Simply doing what’s required will result in a stagnant life. Venture out of your comfort zone. Think of it this way: “Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” – Vincent Van Gogh, supposedly. Going above and beyond for a boss is so rewarding not only physically (think: promotions) but mentally. It’s the exact opposite of the feeling that procrastination brings. When we extend ourselves beyond what’s expected for loved ones, we reward ourselves emotionally; the heart grows tender and lifts our soul. 

Do you have time to run around the house for twenty minutes looking for the essential PKW (phone/keys/wallet)? Is that blazer that you set your heart on wearing hanging up in plain sight or stuffed under the pile of dirty laundry you haven’t done in two weeks? And to top it off – your printer just broke down so you have to stop at a Kinko’s on your way to the most important meeting of your life. Bummer. Being prepared solves all of these problems so you’re not forced to take any L’s. 

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