A Change in Perspective
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Why is a thing for you to have to pick a career as a teenager? What do we even know then? What do we even know as grown adults?

I’m 23, been out of college for a little bit over a year and a half with a BA in Media Studies and a full time job that has nothing to do with my major. Most days I overanalyze every choice I made from age 17 picking my major, to the present day. I don’t know why I went to school for what I did, I barely knew what the major entailed, I didn’t think I would be good, but I was often told I would, so I did. Halfway through my college life I decided I wanted to study abroad, realized I didn’t have enough money and abandoned that idea. Still, I had that itching feeling that I need to get out; I needed to distance myself from that routine. I did the next big thing I could find; I applied and got accepted into the Disney College Program, a paid internship working in the happiest place on earth. 

It wasn’t London or Spain, but it did change my perspective in life and opened my eyes to what I like to believe is what I’m good at, tourism and hospitality. I hate that I went back to school and finished up a degree in something I found okay, something that I didn’t really care for. I hate that I didn’t change my major just because I didn’t want to stay in school for longer. I hate even more that I came back home the second time around I did the Disney College Program because I let other people influence my experience, when I had finally found something I felt I was good at. 

Now I sit here, overthinking all the if’s and should have done’s. 

It bothers me that we are expected to have years upon years of work experience fresh out of college, but we are not encouraged to get some real life experience. No one tells you all the uncertainty that comes with being in your early twenties.

Here I am though, I’m alive and I am well. I have a job that I endure because I’m saving money to create experiences for myself that ultimately will take me where I want to go. I’m figuring out who I really want to be, where I want to go. I sit and I read about all these people who like me, were once lost and found their passion. People like my best friend that inspire me every day to fight for a better, brighter and stronger me, because just like me she chose a career she thought fit her at the time, but has found her passion along the way.

Although some people are fortunate to find something they love at a young age, I don’t think we should choose who we are supposed to be so early on in our lives. 

So yes, I am 23, I am very lost, but inspired every day to make my new aspirations come true. Stronger and more confident than ever, proving to myself that I can be someone to be proud of. 

Fight, even when all seems like utter shit. Not because other people tell you to, but because you owe it to yourself. Be your ultimate fan and your biggest supporter.

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