A Day in the Life: Kathryn Gallagher

7:31 AM:

GOOD MORNING. It is too early, but I am up because a ravenous, rabid Tasmanian devil has made himself comfortable on top of my rib cage, rendering me motionless. Today is Thursday, which means yesterday we had two performances of Jagged Little Pill over at the A.R.T. here in Cambridge, MA. What that means is today, the first thing I will do is a quick little vocal siren to see if I have a voice today to do the show tonight… good news… I do!!

8:28 AM:

The furry land seal has won and we are out walking the mean streets of the Harvard Campus pretending to be Elle Woods and not fooling ANYONE. We walk along the river, he does his business, I listen to The Daily podcast and learn about the world, which by the way... some really terrible things are happening right now, so if you’re so inclined, there are some good ways to help.

9:37 AM:

This is a photograph of the exact moment I regretted going to the gym. Working out is the most annoying necessary part of doing a musical. Stretching. Strengthening. Rolling out this annoying shoulder injury I’ve had since Spring Awakening that basically makes my thumb numb always… Super cute. 

Sometime after that:

Home. Shower. Make avocado toast. (I know, I know… but it’s fucking great so...) Then a call from my mother who is in Boston with my grandmother who Sunday night fell down her stairs. She is 90. Still runs a ballet studio and teaches. She broke her leg. Got surgery Monday morning and since then the whole family has been making the hospital our family reunion. She’s doing well... Figured it wasn’t the spot for selfies... but hey... a day in the life, right?

12:56 PM:

Back from the hospital with just enough time to read a chapter of my new favorite book, drink my 3rd cup of coffee and do my tarot cards… okay, my psychics… what’s going on with ME?

1:24 PM

Oh, it’s this weird thing’s birthday. He’s two today. I love him with my entire brain and heart and toes. He’s the worst. What’s that saying... you like someone because… you love someone despite?? Yeah, that. Fucking love him. 

2:07 PM:

At the theater. We have a brush-up rehearsal because our phenom choreographer Sidi Larbi is in town and he has NOTES. He is the greatest human you’ve ever met. Somehow he made me dance. 

2:17 PM:

Pitstop in the dressing room. I hang all of the letters and art that the incredible lovers of this show send us. It means the world to me that there are some rad people in the world that want to spend their time making something beautiful for us. 

2:37 PM:

(Most of) the cast of Jagged Little Pill and Larbi (next to me) in an epic selfie for #NationalSelfieDay??? Which is a thing. Obviously. He’s about to give notes. 

4:02 PM:

We’ve been on stage running notes and making changes for over an hour and I am doing well??????????? Thank god for prop beds.

Sometime after that:

I go home. I watch the first half of the latest episode of Nashville. I walk my dog. I FaceTime a friend. I eat a big (unfortunately) healthy dinner. I want a burger and fries and cake and candy. But I have a lot of lettuce and a lot of protein and a lot of water. Because this job is a sport. A goddamn marathon. And I have asthma!! 

6:37 PM:

Back at the theater, BABY!!! And this time, it’s showtime… I put my make up on, I do my hair, I put on my mic and my costume.

7:10 PM:

I’m dressed and ready, unusually early today… I listen to my pre-show dance party playlist… As I listen, I annoy my castmates. Jane is very patient. Kelsey eats a sandwich. Ebony is just never not cooler than me. 

7:57 PM:

Sneak a mid-show pic with Whitney while we sing “So Unsexy” off stage. 

Then the phone shuts off:

Time to focus... this show is intense and beautiful and I have to focus to give it to the beautiful audience!!!

10:52 PM:

Post-show snack with the young babies of our cast, Mr. Antonio Cipriano, and Ms. Celia Gooding. They literally graduated high school last week. Oh. My. God.

11:32 PM:

Good night. I’m tired. We did the play! This show is exhausting and rewarding and special and the best part about it every single time is the people. The castmates, the crew, the creative team that built the castle and the stunning, incredible audiences that share their time with us. I love you. Let’s do it again tomorrow. 

Jagged Little Pill is running until July 15th at the American Repertory Theater at the Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To learn more about Kathryn, you can follow her on Instagram

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