Advice on starting your own online magazine?

"What is it like managing your own website? I volunteer at a magazine for youth where I live in Perth, Australia, writing articles and reviewing gigs etc. I would like to start my own online magazine though, are you able to give me some advice on where to start, how to boost up your views and how you keep your website and article intake organised?" - Sophie James

Nora: Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for the question. Nora here, your resident LFC-president. Your volunteer work with the magazine sounds really awesome and a great way to build up your portfolio. Good for you! Starting your magazine is definitely a big, but totally worth it, next step. My first piece of advice would be definitely take your time in preparing and planning. If I had my way, LFC would have been launched over night, but it would not have been anything like what I had hoped it would be. I came up with the idea for LFC in October, and we didn’t launch until March. Planning and prep work is so important in making sure you’re putting out an accurate representation of your brand/ideas/whatever it may be. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for advice/team help. I reached out to so many friends, family members, and colleagues just to ask what colors they preferred or fonts they liked. It’s always smart to test out your ideas with others and get feedback. In terms of organization, find a system that works for you and make sure you stick to it. We’ve tried a few different things at LFC – Google calendars, Asana, weekly marketing schedules. We’re still growing and learning but one thing I’ve definitely learned over these past few months is that dropping the ball on organization can really bring down your end goal. So even if you have to test the waters in a few different ways to keep yourself and your content organized, make sure you’re always trying. Back when we first launched LFC, I wrote a piece on what it was like to start a website and how I felt about everything once we were launched, which you can read here. I hope this helps!

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