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When I started college two and a half years ago, I was under the impression that women working on the business side of the music industry were a rarity. It seemed that everywhere I turned I was hearing about the accomplishments of men and that the only places for women in music were onstage, in the photo pit or doing publicity for artists, because those were the only places I had really ever encountered them. After taking on various “jobs” throughout the past few years in college, I’ve come to realize that freshman me was wrong—thankfully! I have been introduced to a large network of hardworking women in music in the short two and a half years I have been actively pursuing a career in the business, and where those come from, there are many more.

While I never allowed my (incorrect) perception of a lack of women in the music industry stop me from following my big dreams, I can’t help but wish I had known going in just how many women there are in this industry. I am tired of the eye rolling and hearing people refer to the music industry as a “man’s world” (though statistically, it’s true—I get it) because that is discrediting the ladies who are there and working hard to make the industry more equal and overshadowing the progress that we, as a body of women, are making in this industry. Instead of grumbling about the ‘lack of women’ in the business, why are we not highlighting the accomplishments of those who are making waves in music? Why are we not allowing them to set an example to inspire other women to follow in their footsteps? 

I propose we start bringing visibility to these hardworking ladies. is a platform created to highlight hardworking women in the music industry and to inspire the next generation of young women interested in pursuing music business careers. We are here to promote those who have worked hard for their successes on or off the stage and continue to make names for themselves as women in music, and we will also be collaborating with college students to encourage networking. 

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