Are You There Passion? It's Me, Molly

Are You There Passion? It's Me, Molly

Are you there passion? It’s me, Molly.

“Tell me about your passion.” The first time this question was posed to me in a job interview I panicked. Did they mean hobbies? What do I even like? Do I like things? Why is the only hobby I can think of right now knitting? 

While I do love to knit, this is not what makes me tick. After said interview four years ago, and many times since then, I’ve been trying to find the answer. I was prepping for a job interview and turned to a page in my notebook with “passion??” written in bold. What the hell is my passion? I needed an answer that was humble, but proud, and strong yet not off-putting. I got so flustered that I didn’t have an exact answer and I casually burst into tears. I was so focused on finding my one true passion; I forgot to acknowledge all the things I love to do. Then my mom, the wise badass lady that she is, said “Molly it’s OK to not have a passion.” She explained to me that I, like her, have several different things that we like to do, that drive us and give us joy. To back up her claims, my mom pointed me to this TED Talk by Terri Trespicio titled “Stop Searching for your Passion.” I thought, alright wow I am not alone in this desire for the quest to passion. I felt relief in the fact that not everyone has one true passion. Your passions are things you care about. So fear not my beautiful humans. When someone asks you what your passion is, it’s ok to not be focused on one specific thing that drives you. It’s ok to like to knit, to read, and to write articles (like this) in your spare time. It’s ok to do as many or as few things you like, as long as you acknowledge that they are worth spending your free time on.

For example, while I have a full time job, I am also in school for graphic design, l love going to concerts and art museums by myself, and I also like to read blogs. Yes these are just a few things I like, but I am not sure which are my passions. I love having homework as an adult, I love posting Instagram pictures where I’m staring at *not the camera*, I love to spend my weekends getting lost in the Met and staring at one piece of art to narrate my own version of the subject’s story, and I love to fall down a blog rabbit hole where you end up reading every article you can find about the evolution of nail polish trends. No, I would not call myself an artist, but I am passionate about my graphic design classes, as well as my knitting projects. It’s 100% ok to not have one passion.

Do not fret. Do not freak ya freak because you feel like you have to have one extremely important hobby. My sister knows exactly what her hobbies and passions are. I always thought I needed to have the same things, but I don’t. I’m me not her, you’re you not me. Enjoy the things you enjoy, and maybe think about this topic so you don’t cry during interview prep so you can answer it to the best of your ability. Literally you do you.