Coach Barrie | Personal Trainer for Tri For The Cure Race in Colorado

Coach Barrie | Personal Trainer for Tri For The Cure Race in Colorado

What is Tri for the Cure? 

Tri for the Cure is a women’s sprint triathlon held at the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver, Colorado.

Who does it benefit? 

It benefits Bright Pink, which is the only national non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

How does this help women? 

Many ways! Everyone knows at least one person that has been affected by breast and/or ovarian cancer. This race gives us a chance to either celebrate those who have kicked cancer in the butt or race in memory of those who have lost their battle with the disease. 

For others, they are fighting the fight themselves and this race gives them the power and confidence to continue to believe in their inner strength.

What is your involvement? 

I have been involved with the Tri for the Cure for almost 10 years. I have been the Head coach since 2012, providing free clinics and training sessions throughout the year, helping every participant prepare for each aspect of the triathlon, including swimming, biking, running and transition training.

Since 2016, my personal business has been proud sponsors of the Tri for the Cure. Last year we provided the beer! (how many other races has their head coach buying the athletes beer?)

Why are you so attracted to the event? 

For one, it’s an amazing, powerful, inspiring, and emotional event. You get to see women of all ages, all fitness levels, and cancer survivors cross that finish line.

"We are daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and friends racing for one cause."   

On a personal level, I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2011. She was a wonderful, caring, passionate human being. Although she was never a triathlete, this is one way I can give back and carry on her memory. I get to interact with women in my mother’s same situation, fighting to get back to their “new normal”. 

It brings me joy to witness success stories and know we are not giving up the battle against cancer.

What is your view on the women that participate?  

What an amazing way to celebrate women! There is something special about women coming together to celebrate life and take on what can be a challenging goal. Some triathletes are racing to beat their time. Some are racing with their mom, daughter, relative or friend as a bonding event. Some are racing for their own victories. All are racing to cross that finish line and reach their own personal goal.

Why is this event, or events like it, so important? Why should people join in?  

This event is special, not only because it is a women’s only event, but it’s special for the cause it supports. Everyone knows someone that has been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. This race gives us a chance to support an organization trying to decrease the number of people affected by breast and ovarian cancer.  

What better way to participate than doing something out of your comfort zone? It reminds us what these women (and men) are faced with once a diagnosis is given. 

The unknown can be a scary place but, if we stick together, we can accomplish these challenges. We need to continue supporting this event (and events like it) so that it can be around for a long time, supporting these strong women and their families. 

What makes Tri for the Cure different?

Our race has a wave of runners who are cancer survivors so that these women can be recognized for their accomplishments. We also have a buddy wave for mothers and daughters, sisters and cousins, grandmothers and granddaughters, and friends of all ages can race together and cross the finish line together. 

We also have Swim Angels who support women through the swimming portion of the race. They might be a total stranger to the swimmer but they become a personal lifeguard, support system, or motivator to guide you through it! 

We always have a big turnout of husbands, children, life partners, friends and family cheering on the sidelines with plenty of pink everywhere. 

This is a race for celebrating women!

Do you have an inspiring story or two about your experience with Tri?  

One happened 3 or 4 years ago. A woman who had just finished chemo treatments was at one of my lectures. She was absolutely terrified of the water but was determined to accomplish this goal. We worked together on her swimming efficiency and built her confidence in the water. At the race, I was her swim angel as she completed the course. It was a proud moment for both as she crossed the finish line. This year, she completed her first Ironman! What an amazing journey she has traveled!

There are countless times women of all ages approach me with their stories of who they are racing for (if not themselves) and include my own mother in their thoughts. 

Words cannot express how lucky I am to be blessed be these women entering my world.

"They are constant reminders that your outlook on life can determine your path." 

I cherish the fact that I am a part of such an incredible event. I thank the Tri for the Cure for allowing me to be the head coach and proud sponsor of the event.  I hope we continue this special event for years to come.

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