Corporate Apathy, Cannabis, and Making Healing Socially Acceptable

Corporate Apathy, Cannabis, and Making Healing Socially Acceptable
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Corporate apathy is a disease -- the worst kind of disease. In fact, corporate apathy is the type of disease that sustains itself and gets even more powerful by turning its unsuspecting victims into ringleaders within its very own (seemingly endless) systematic cycle. Does this feel familiar? Not yet?

As a 9-5 desk job employee, on the very few days that I actually *redeemed* my federally mandated lunch break, I would consume; not sustenance, necessarily, but anything that would make me feel something. I bought house plants for my desk. I bought new heels for the office. I bought planners and organizers to help me stay ahead of meetings and deadlines. I must’ve stopped by Duane Reade at least a dozen times to grab thank you cards, birthday cards, and congratulations cards for co-workers.

Isn’t that dystopian? We have federally mandated lunch breaks! We have regulated minimum wages! We spend all of our “free” time and hard earned money on filling our internal voids… they very voids caused by this system. In turn, we become the “demand,” and serve up a heaping plate of corporate apathy for our peers.

We need to talk about healing.

My name is Sarah ElSayed, and I’m a publicist and creative from Brooklyn, New York. Throughout my career, I’ve represented companies and individuals running the gamut from culinary masterminds, to hotels, budding fashion brands, mainstream celebrities, musicians, ecommerce sites, artists, architects, and more. I’ve always found great fulfillment and joy in creative marketing, but I noticed that my happiness and well-being wasn’t always a priority to those at the top of the ladder.

Last year, I began offering my PR and social media services to new clients as a freelancer (while also working full-time executing someone else’s dream at a day job). I know… it’s ironic that I actually used my “free time” for work, but I was on a journey for more. I was one of the fortunate ones that ran head first into what I now know as my calling.

Before I get into my work-life any further, it’s important to note that I have been using cannabis since I was 14 years old. All my life, I’ve suffered from ADHD and anxiety, and cannabis has proven to be my only consistent advocate throughout it all.

With a cold pitch and a little divine intervention, I started working with The Legion of Bloom, a high-end medical cannabis company in California. I feel so fortunate to have found a company comprised of like-minded individuals producing safe, pure, sustainably-grown medicine for people just like me. Over the past year, I’ve watched the company grow, the product line advance, and countless patients become freed of their pain and suffering. My role has allowed me to share stories of exemplary corporate social responsibility, set industry standards, and turn healthy schools of thought and ways of life into mainstream trends.

This past May, I left my full-time job and founded Grass is Greener PR, LLC, my very own creative marketing agency, where I represent clients spanning multiple facets of the health and wellness spectrum. By working with companies and people that heal me and teach me (mentally, physically, morally, and beyond,) I am able to permeate the structures of modern media and make healing a little more accessible to everyone.  

If you’re stuck in a state of corporate apathy, I encourage you to explore. There’s no time for complacency - we’re all here for a limited time, and we all have a much greater calling. A calling that can only be discovered within the self.

Spend your time and resources on self-expression, supporting others that are seeking purpose, maintaining your overall well-being, and becoming a student of the world -- surround yourself with people and ideas that challenge you. Cause no pain. Keep your intentions pure. Embrace unconventionality. Be fearless.

With a clear vision and guidance from within, the world is yours.

To learn more about Grass is Greener PR, LLC, check out their website and Facebook.

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