Eman Bachani | Meraki Design House, Premier Polmarex Inc.

I'm the Founder of Meraki Design House and the Marketing Manager at Premier Polmarex Inc. I try to learn something from everyone, a particular friend nudged me in the right direction years ago when she told me I don’t ask enough questions and now I ask way too many questions. My inspiration, however, has come from fellow creatives, makers, and do-ers. I respect the hustle, truly, and thus, when I meet someone who has created something… anything, from nothing, it's hard not to be inspired. Working in the family business, I got a lot of exposure to decision makers and CEO’s early on – the kind I may never have gotten working corporate… but knowing their stories and hustle has given me the room to dream more and bigger. I've learned that anything is possible. I’m glad I didn’t cling on to the idea of what I had imagined myself doing. I try to be grateful and appreciate the struggle and the journey!

I hear this from my dad almost every day and I really consciously try to practice it; he tells me to always protect everyone’s interest. Yes, all human beings tend to think about themselves first and foremost but to build relationships and consequently your business, you need to ensure that there is a win for everyone, not just yourself.  One lapse in judgment and perhaps one selfish decision in self-interest could lead to ruining a reputation that truly takes years to build.

The best business advice I've received on top of the above is to make your own opportunities! Also, now that I sometimes sit on the other side of the table and hire people, I realized how far a good attitude can go. So if you’ve shown up, for anything, do it with a good attitude and then some.

Some other things I've learned throughout my journey are: If you want to make sure something gets done – make sure to see it through yourself. Trusting others is one thing but to get it done the way you want to get it done, make sure you’re involved in the process, even if from the sidelines. Delays are inevitable especially when you work with people across the world – make sure you always take that into consideration, especially when an end consumer is involved. Add a buffer time for your consumers if you must.

My desk is the biggest pile of papers and folders – with a to-do list at the top every week. Unfortunately, some of the bigger things on that list take FOREVER to get crossed off so trust me, it’s not a pleasant sight!

I am quite assertive about what I believe in; I can compromise on how something gets executed but never on my vision of how something should be. It’s the only way to fully believe in your work, and if you don’t believe in your work – how can you expect anyone else to take it seriously? (and in my case, how can you sell it?)

I define success based on the small wins, for the most part. Knowing that customers are happy defines one aspect of what success is to me. The other aspect is knowing that I am happy doing what I do.

I want to see more kindness – in the world and within myself. Kindness for each other but also for ourselves – it is so EASY to beat ourselves down with that voice in our own heads but definitely want to see less of that rude, self-depreciating voice!

I am a night owl so all the ideas are usually flowing at night, and getting these ideas to work before something else comes up is usually my priority every morning. I also work with vendors and customers across the world so jumping out of bed is the only option I have if I want to catch them in their work day!

To me, being an entrefemmeur means knowing when to hustle, and what to ignore (many of those!) and where to go when things don’t go to plan.

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