From Employee to CEO

Success is an ideal, which is personally defined by the individual. Being apart of an existing business structure and moving up the corporate ladder works well for many people, but to be an entrepreneur there must be an inner desire for ownership and a self-belief that anything is possible.

JMG Public Relations is a lifestyle and entertainment based PR firm located in New York City which I launched in 2015. I previously worked for a number of public relations firms, including mid-size and boutique firms, working with clients ranging from high-end luxury name brands to lifestyle expert voices to fitness mavens. Working for other companies was tremendously rewarding. I learned so much from so many different people from all walks of life, but one thing that always stuck with me was that I never felt completely fulfilled in my day to day.

I always loved everything about public relations; building a client’s brand, being creative, networking, working with the media, etc. One thing I noticed though was that in working for others, you become one of many. Naturally in businesses there is plenty of internal politics, especially when it becomes competitive about being at the top position. The problem with that is who that person is constantly changes and nothing can be guaranteed. I found there became a lot of energy wasted on internal noise when really all of that energy should have been devoted towards the clients. If the core of what we do is client based, then we should work as a team to devote all of our energy together on making that client and their brand a success. Starting my own public relations firm became a reality after I recognized the need for a company that could reduce internal politics and solely focus energy towards client specific goals.

Starting any business is a scary thought, but I've always lived by the idea that you don’t know what will happen until you try. Failure was never really an option for me. If you don’t allow the “F” word to exist in your world, then you’ll never have to face it. Within minutes of having the idea, I jumpstarted my way towards making my own public relations firm a reality. I started by connecting with people from within the network I worked years to build, and I realized almost instantly, that starting my own PR firm was a good decision. I had lots of great feedback and support from everyone around me, including some those who wanted to sign on as my first clients!

When creating my PR firm, I wanted specific principles to act as the foundation. Most importantly, “always be humble and kind.” Not only is it something that you will feel good about, but it makes it easier to work with others. People, including media and clients, like working with nice people, so it makes your day to day more enjoyable. My next priority was that I wanted JMG-PR to be all about their employees. In working for others, I realized it’s very easy to feel undervalued, so with JMG Public Relations, I would do my best to ensure every individual felt special. Inclusive of which is internal competition, so to eliminate such, I created an even level playing field from the start. Employees are not working for JMG-PR, rather we work together and as a team. No person has higher priority over another. Employees utilize each other’s strengths to perform a better job for the client. In regards to our culture, I wanted a Google like environment where the office is very open and people enjoy coming into work everyday.  I also don’t want employees to be fearful about taking time off for vacation. As long as the main work is being handled while employees are in the office and they are self sufficient, vacations are encouraged. Vacations also help employees from burning out and it is proven that travel changes your mental state and increases creativity. Company ethics act as the pillars to a sound infrastructure. When you put morals and beliefs first, your employees will appreciate their roles and will produce at a higher level of quality.

Today, JMG Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm specializing in the promotion of clients within the lifestyle and entertainment industries. We also recently launched the Creative Division, which provides solutions for clients seeking creative initiatives for brand enhancement. We are committed to fostering creative relationships to provide quality work that will help clients reach a multi-platform audience while simultaneously building and establishing their brands. We are at the cusp of the ever-changing media world and delivers a fresh approach with key results. We’ve had the privilege of working with clients in all industries, including: real estate, fashion, media, business, sports apparel, food, fitness, CrossFit and more.

In time, I realized my success revolves around others and helping them to succeed. I love helping my clients design a pathway to their dreams. It is a beautiful thing to watch their careers blossom and to be apart of the ride is an experience. For employees, I love being able to provide both a creative and supportive environment for them. Employees spend an average of 1,790 hours a year at work, so if they aren’t enjoying that time, they aren’t thriving or enjoying a good portion of their life.

Becoming an entrepreneur has become an extremely rewarding journey. Not only did I find my true meaning of success, but I also became apart of a community of badass females changing the world. To all the females with the desire to be more… keep doing, keep creating, and allow the badass to continue on!

You can learn more about Jenna and JMG Public Relations on her website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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