Getting Into Creative Fields?

"I am a senior majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development and am entirely at a stump in my next step come May... which I've finally learned is OK, but thought I'd still ask for a little advice on your end. I studied fashion photography and styling in London a couple of summers ago and wish more than anything to return after graduating. Everything I have found while looking has merely been "need x years experience" or just not having any luck whatsoever finding applications. So the big Q: any advice with the admiration of going back to London unprepared? Or know anywhere else I could be looking to get into the creative field of photography, editorial, styling, etc?" - Sara A

Marissa: I majored in Merchandising as well and spent my first couple of years out of college doing product development and now I'm in Social Media/PR! My advice would be to definitely still apply - many companies still consider others and really it mostly comes down to the willingness to learn and making a connection with who is hiring you. I don't live in London, but if doing the styling/photography is your passion I would say to definitely go and do whatever you can, big and small! Say yes to anything that will help you learn and grow, paid or unpaid. It doesn't hurt to get a side job to pay the bills to assist while you make relationships/do internships on the side. It's definitely the best way to get experience as well as make connections that will land you your dream job. After all, it's all about the connections you make and they'll definitely take you farther than anything else will! People love to hire someone whom they know they can count on. Just keep applying for everything, even if you don't feel quite qualified, and keep reaching out and checking in as something will definitely be a fit for you! 

Image by Shannon McGrath.

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