LFC Gift Guide

LFC Gift Guide

Here at LFC, we're all about gift-giving. Whether it's a smile when you pass a stranger (and their puppy) or your favorite book to a new friend, we support it. Not only do we support gift-giving, but we also (some might argue *more importantly*) support our ladies. This holiday season, we've hand-picked our favorite holiday gifts from companies started by women. See something you like? Gift it.

P.S... We're big believers in gifting yourself too. 


1. In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit:
LOLO is a friend of LFC and an LFC favorite. You may have gotten to know her through her interview but now you can get to know her on a deeper level through her album. Besides for the name being maybe the best album name ever, LOLO's vocals will blow you and any gift-recipient away. 

2. Glossier:
Coconut Balm Dotcom - Use this on your lips, dry patches of skin, or even as a dewy highlight on your cheeks. It can really do just about anything. And the coconut scent will make you feel like you're on a secret getaway even through the cold months.

3. Glossier:
Milky Jelly Cleanser - Holiday party after holiday party leaving your skin feeling gross? Use this face wash that doubles as *the best* makeup remover I've ever owned (right up there with Bioderma Sensibio H2O).

4. Boxfox:
Don't we all wish we could just open up pandora's box and find all the great little gifts we've always wanted to give ourselves? Well, look no further, because the ladies at Boxfox have created just that. Check out my favorite box above, or make your own! 

5. Secret Code:
Looking for the perfect book for that young one in your life? This is it. Mara Binudin created the children's book we all wish we had when we were a kid. Armed with an app so you can create just what your main character looks like, Secret Code is the tale of a brave and smart girl who codes, builds robots, maybe causes a little mess along the way, but also saves the day. Because who says we can't be our own superheroes?


1. Charlotte Simone:
I've had my eye on this adorable jacket ever since they released it!!! It gives off so many cool girl vibes while also keeping you warm for the coming months ahead. I love that this brand was created by a girl my age, and that everything on the site is available in faux fur.

2. Frasier Sterling:
Worn by the likes of Gigi & Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner & Miley Cyrus, this is my go to brand for Jewelry. The prices are totally affordable & the designs are so cute. My personal favorite is this custom choker. I just bought one with my name and am already planning on layering it with other FS chokers. It's the perfect gift for all of your best friends (it's kind of like the adult version of a friendship bracelet.) They are having a discount sale if you buy them in a set of 3, 5, or 7.

3. Nasty Galaxy:
Famous for her book #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso does it again with Nasty Galaxy. While I do not consider myself much of a reader, I finished GirlBoss in just days (which is lightening speed for me.) With GirlBoss being more of a tell all of how Nasty Gal came about, Nasty Galaxy is more of a visual diary, creatively displaying photographs, illustrations and short stories. I highly recommend! You can buy a signed copy on sale from Barnes & Noble, here.

4. Ban.do:
If you are anything like me, you are probably on your phone for hours a day, scrolling through Instagram, checking emails, or sending out a tweet or two. While there are plenty of other mobile iphone chargers out there, they were always too bulky for my liking. Until I found this, my phone would always die mid day. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use this thing. It is adorable & I love that there are two ports, so you can charge your phone and a friends!

5. H0t Girls Eating Pizza:
This is my all time favorite shirt - I live in it. Playing off of Kanye West's lyrics, "no more parties in LA" this is a perfect play on words. There are only 100 of these made, & they are so dope that even Forever 21 ripped off this idea. You can only buy them on their depop, and while they are $50, they are worth every penny.


1. Rifle Paper Co by Anna Bond
Anna Bond, founder of Rifle Paper Co. has been one of my favorite designers for a while. She has loads of different items in the shop, my personal fave being this LA art print

2. Tribe Kelley by Brittney Kelley
Founded by the raddest Brittney Kelley, Tribe Kelley is an amazing American made clothing brand and they've got some of the coziest pieces you'll want to live in all winter. One of my faves is the Moonless Night Leggings.

3. Olive & June by Sarah Gibson Tuttle
Best nail salon in all the land- LA friends do yourself a favor and check it out. You can't go wrong with a giftcard here.

4. Tayst Design - Taylor St. Claire
Can't leave out my bff's phone cases. Perfect stocking stuffer with designs for everyone! Top fave for me is puff.

5. Tribe Kelley by Brittney Kelley
Another favorite from Tribe Kelley (of course!) is the Galactic hoodie - you'll want to live in all winter long.

LFC Gemma GG.jpg

1. Stay Home Club:
We've previously featured the gorge Olivia Mew of Stay Home Club as one of our entrepreneurs - I'm lusting after this Boring is Best t-shirt. Perfect for hibernating through January when you've got no money or energy. Stay home with your laptop and plan world domination for 2017.

2. Ali Munn Jewelry:
If you're looking to splash out on a special present, take a look at Canadian jewellery designer Ali Munn, who has some really cool designs. She also does limited edition collaborations with other artists, as well as offering a custom design service; I got obsessed with her after seeing a custom ring she designed, I think it was for an engagement - and I still wish it was mine.

3. Aesthetic Laundry:
Aesthetic Laundry is a small brand owned by a woman called Heidi. My favourite pieces are her rainbow jumpers - with the way the world is at the moment, it's nice to show our hearts on our sleeves and support other people. Whether you choose a safety pin or a sweatshirt with wild rainbow flailing sleeves, it's all good - but I think this would make an ace Christmas present for any outgoing supporter of love.

4. Sasha Unisex:
Sasha Unisex is a Russian tattoo artist who does incredible watercolour, geometric sort of designs - you've probably seen her work floating around on tumblr. I kind of want to be her. Anyway, while the colourful designs are amazing, tattoos are a big decision - however Sasha has launched her own range of temporary tattoos so you can get all the joy and none of the pain or commitment. Yay!

5. Society6 Case by Wesley Bird:
Society6 is a site where you can buy designs on all kind of stuff, from wall prints to bedding, supporting independent artists. I like this phone case by Wesley Bird (follow her on Instagram @wesleybird) mainly because I have a big butt that I'm trying to embrace. Apparently it's a quote from The Office but whatever. Butt power!! There are thousands of other artists to buy art from - browse from their kick ass catalogue of lady artists.


1. The Girls of Atomic City - The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II:
The title of this book speaks for itself. While you may have learned about the "Manhattan Project" and it's many (mostly male) scientists, engineers, military personnel and government officials involved, Denise Kiernan brings to light and gives a voice to the female workers involved and the lasting impact it had on their lives and women throughout the United States. There are some amazing stories in "The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II". 
If you want even more inspiration about strong women in history, check out this feature about the women of NASA.

2. Minibardelivery.com by Lindsey Andrews & Lara Crystal:
The holidays can seem stressful but great friends and little surprises make it all worth it. If you have a friend that owns a "rosé all day" sweatshirt, then Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal have developed the perfect gift. Minibar partners with local liquor stores to deliver the perfect surprise for that special person, near or far. And the best part? You can choose what price range you want to stay in because this really is a "thought that counts" kind of gift.
Available in major cities in America for 21+  

3. Sparked Board Game by Lisa Rueff (CEO) & Jenna Mazer:
I love all kinds of board games so I may be a bit biased but Sparked is a great way to gather with your friends to laugh, bond, and celebrate all the things that make you wonderful creatures so amazing. It's described as an alternative game for "smart, sassy, soulful women" (such as yourselves) and I think it's founders, Lisa Rueff and Jen Mazer, did a fantastic job at bringing women together for a fun and memorable night. Monopoly-money-throwing and rage not included. 

4. Ringly by Christina Mercando D'Avignon:
Everyone has those few friends that are attached to their phone screens - at a restaurant, in the gym, even in a movie theater (tsk tsk) - but we don't blame them! There is so much going on in the digital realm, from emails to social profiles, that it is difficult not to check your phone at all times. Ringly, developed by Christina Mercando d'Avignon, is smart, wearable jewelry that connects directly to your phone so you can keep your attention where it needs to be without missing a beat. With customizable notifications, Ringly will keep you in the loop whether you are in a client meeting or out to lunch with friends!

5. Saranghae Korean Skincare by Min Saranghae
It's never too early to start taking care of your skin, radiating beauty from the inside, out. If Sephora naming the founder of this company the "Super Woman of Skincare" doesn't instantly make you want to throw your money at it, the natural, safe, and effective ingredients might just be the key. Min Saranghae developed her amazing Korean-inspired skincare line and I may have just found my guru. One for me - one for you - and your friends will thank you. 


1. London Loves LA Custom Bomber:
Custom bomber. Need I say more? Get yourself one. Get your dad one. Get your dog one. We won't judge.

2. AUrate:
After hearing the owners of AUrate speak at a panel that was moderated by an LFC team member, I was instantly hooked. I own a pair of their earrings and absolutely love them. Treat yourself to a lovely new piece of jewelry this holiday season that is made with ethically sourced gold and diamonds.

3. Eau Paix Vie Bikini:
Going away on vacation to a tropical island? Buy yourself a new bikini. Your friend is moving to the west coast? Add a new bathing suit to her collection.

4. Odessa Rae Jacket:
We introduced you to Odessa Rae through her interview with us a couple months back. She makes awesome custom pieces (see: jacket above) and provides a fabulous selection of carefully curated vintage pieces to pick from. 

5. Conscious Period:
Did you know that tampons and pads are taxed in 38 out of the 50 states? Food stamps can't even be used to help buy these products. So the wonderful women at Conscious Period have created a system where for every box of tampons you buy from them, they donate pads to women who are in immediate need of period products. While gifting tampons to a friend might not be the most traditional holiday gift, fear not because Conscious Period has created this awesome t-shirt to help spread the message that having your period is NOT a luxury that should be taxed.