plural noun: intentions
.a thing intended; an aim or plan.

Have you ever heard a commonly used word and one day it suddenly baffles you as if it’s the first time you’ve ever heard it? I’m not sure if it was reading about healing crystals or my yoga teacher reminding me to set some (I know what I sound like, please bear with me) but the word intention kept popping up to the point that it caused me to rethink it. 

The word as I knew it kind of had negative connotations, sort of like a sorry excuse for why you may or may not have done something. However, the way it was being spoken about recently in my routine lead me to think that intentions are something we should think about in our every day lives to give us purpose. After some research, I am here to tell you that this is an accurate assumption, and why. 

Goals are for the future and intentions are for the present day. 

January is a long old month where everyone sets goals for the year and by the end we may have lost sight of them. Goals can sometimes feel unattainable, especially if it’s something you may have to work many months towards, and the feeling that you might not achieve it might actually be detrimental to completion. For example, I may want to be earning a certain amount by the end of the year and if midway through the year this seems unlikely it might demotivate me. 

Setting daily intentions is like setting myself mini tasks that allow me to feel fulfilment from each day, rather than feeling like I'm perpetually fighting an uphill battle.

Think of it as a marathon; if you set out with the only goal to run the whole thing in three hours time and you miss that goal, you’ll feel disheartened. However, if your intentions are to get more exercise, do something different, raise money for charity and show some willpower and dedication, you will see that you were just as accomplished. 

By setting my intentions, be it daily, weekly, monthly, I’m giving myself the opportunity to authenticate my feelings, think about what I am doing and why I am doing it. It’s far too easy to con ourselves out of certain truths or lose focus. Sometimes we don’t know what we want but the answer has been in our subconscious all along. Committing to this habit long term will make me take more control of my life and will be beneficial to my career and eventually my goals. Notice I am not using words like feel, hope or think- this is because I am being honest to you and myself about what I’m choosing to do with my life.

My husband thinks it’s hysterical I’ve started talking about healing crystals and caring about moon cycles (apparently the new moon is a great time to set intentions). I’m not even particularly into astrology, but it’s just a nice way to keep a routine when there’s no routine to be had, and if it helps me not feel lost on this path of freelancing I’ve chosen, so be it. 

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