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What has your career journey been like so far, and what can we expect to see in the future?

My career journey has been nonlinear and morphed many different times. I've been everything from a shop girl in Los Angeles to a nanny for ultra-wealthy families in New York. It's interesting though because when I reflect on where I am today, I realize every single job has broadened my skill set and made me a more well-rounded individual. I'd say about half of the tactics I use when coping with challenging situations or people I honed while looking after toddlers. I was most certainly a late bloomer concerning my career and carried a lot of shame around that. I used to become very defensive when someone asked me "what I did." I realize now I wasn't experiencing shame about a particular job choice, but more understanding that my work wasn't aligned with my spirit or what I'm truly meant to be doing. Today it's completely different, and I feel so fulfilled and proud of what I'm able to do every day. Right now a lot of my time is spent placing female candidates with companies that understand the importance of equality in the workplace. I find it so gratifying to assist in the progression of one's career, but I also want to start focusing my time and energy on the big picture, and that's holistic equality. I think so much of the time the micro consumes us, and I want to work on the macro. The pay gap is a symptom, and we need to treat the illness, and that is equality as a whole.

Why does it matter to you personally that your clients understand the positive impact a diverse workforce can have on business, culture, and profit?

For me, it is crucial my clients understand or at least want to understand the positive impact a diverse workforce can have on business, culture, and profit because my goal is to place the women I work with in careers where they can grow and thrive. If a woman is being paid less than her male counterpart or not given the same opportunities as a man, she won't be able to develop fully. All of these little things like letting men speak over women in meetings or allowing men to comment about a woman's body or looks in the workplace are all oppressive behaviors. I cannot in good conscious work with a client who doesn't understand a diverse workforce where women are treated equally cannot have anything but positive ramifications.

What does your daily routine look like?

I frequently travel as the constellations operates bi-coastally, but am also a creature of habit, so have my routine down pat. If I'm in Los Angeles ( my home base) I usually wake up around 7 am and check email / social channels. Depending on what my day is like my husband and I will either walk our dog to the coffee shop in our neighborhood or take her to the dog park. Then I like to head to my little slice of heaven, which is my workout at LEKfit. I've been training with Lauren Kleban for about nine months, and each day I feel better than the last. I also admire her as an entrepreneur, so it's like a dose of inspiration before getting to work each morning. This is gross, but it's the truth: I work from home so if I don't have any in-person meetings I usually skip my shower and tether myself to my phone and computer. My work could look like any number of things from calls with candidates to working on a presentation for a speaking engagement. I immerse myself in my work and don't waste time so by 4:30 or 5, I'm pretty fried. At that point, I usually shower and get ready for whatever is going on in the evening. Once I am home, I take an Epsom salt bath and do an intense facial cleansing routine before checking emails one last time and going to bed.

What does organization look like to you?

As I mentioned, I travel frequently, and when I am not on the go, I work from home, so organization is imperative to my business running efficiently. I dislike when people use the term OCD flippantly because it is an actual mental disorder, BUT I’d say I am OCD adjacent. This is embarrassing to admit, but I actually downloaded Khloe Kardashian’s App because she does these really great organization videos and I could watch them over and over for hours. One of my favorite things to do when I need a moment of calm is to watch people organize on Instagram or YouTube. However, regarding business, I like to make sure I am set up for success, so I always keep my large Shinola journal and pen, MacBook Air and iPhone with me. I use Google calendar to keep all appointments (I mean everything from work to working out) and then I use the Notes app on my iPhone to make lists of outstanding tasks (personal or business related). My organizational mantras are tasks to completion (no half-assing) and everything in its right place.

Can you share some business advice you've been given and some advice you'd like to give?

My favorite piece of business advice was given to me by former boss Ty Montague. He said, "the future is a big place." When he said it, it wasn't in the context of business, but it stuck with me and I believe can be applied globally. It is a great reminder to be kind to everyone, take the extra time to respond to emails, even if it's a person I know I won't be working with in the present and when things are not panning out in the way I had anticipated knowing there is infinite space for change. If I were to extend business advice to anyone I would offer this poem by Nayyirah Waheed: Knowing your power is what creates humility, not knowing your power is what creates insecurity -- Ego.

What does being an entrefemmeur mean to you?

Being an entrefemmeur means sharing my knowledge and learnings with other women. All of my work is for nothing if I am not responsible with my success. I think the greatest thing I can do is assist other women or offer advice when I am able, especially if it doesn’t necessarily help my bottom line. It also means not conflating a saturated market and competition. When one woman succeeds, that is a shared success. I promise there are enough clients, jobs, promotions and raises for us all. It might not happen at the exact moment you want it to, but it is usually for a reason.

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