Lauren Alexander, LNA's New Line


Your new line includes texts and illustrations which your previous pieces haven’t seen as much of.  You declared it a "line you've always wanted to make." Talk us through the inception of this line and what it means to you as the designer. 

This collection is important to me because it feels so much more personal than anything we’ve ever put out. I think I finally feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and emotive. This is also the first time we've ever included words or graphics in the line and this season has the sense of me wearing my heart on my sleeve. I always talk about the struggle with each collection being - what I want, verses what is expected of me. I wanted to take a risk with what I had to say. Phrases like “take your pleasure seriously” and “desir” didn’t necessarily get the positive reaction from stores, but it did connect me with our audience in a very impactful way. Our LNA followers really responded to all the graphics and phrases in an overwhelming way that made it all worth it. Sometimes even if it’s not a top seller, it still means something to the brand and keeps us moving forward. 


Since this differs from previous lines, where did you find your inspiration for these pieces?

I am known to get in some tumblr black holes so i stumble upon so many great inspiration blogs. Some of the phrases are famous quotes and others are phrases about love and loss in French. 


Were you nervous about your audiences' reactions to your new styles?

With every collection I put out there, I always have that insecure part of me that’s worried people won’t like it or buyers won’t believe in it. LNA is a direct reflection of me so every season is extremely personal. I will say that after 10 years I’ve gotten much better about the anxiety of launching each new season. 


Who do you hope to see in your new collection, whether it be a specific person, or a type of person?

LNA is all about your wardrobe staples that make a statement. I try and create clothes that anyone can wear. For me it’s more about making clothes that make you feel good and confident when you put them on. I’m a women so I know how stressful getting dressed can be sometimes! I understand how important it is to have those pieces in your closet that fit and make you feel good when nothing in your closet seems to be fitting that day. We’ve all been there! 


When you look to the future of LNA, what do you hope to see?

It’s wild that we are about to hit 11 years in business. I think about the rollercoaster of having a business for this long and how every year is so different from the last. I feel really lucky to have this opportunity and just want to keep on our path. Having a strong business is always our number one priority. All I know is that I’m excited to see what the future holds for us!


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