What I Learned From Building LFC | Nora Henick

What I Learned From Building LFC | Nora Henick

Patience, by nature, is seen as a good quality. It stops you from rushing into ideas that may be not be your brightest. It allows time for reflection. Like other good qualities, it seems to be one I don’t possess… just kidding. (Kind of.) I think I’ve got a few things going for me. When I came up with the little seedling of an idea that is now La Femme Collective in October of 2015, if someone told me they could have my site up and running that night, I probably would have said yes. And you know what? I would have majorly regretted it.

Launching a website, along with learning how to ride a bike, going on a rollercoaster, or getting a shot at the doctor’s office, can be terrifying. Except launching a website is terrifying in the best way possible (unlike some of those other things).

There’s no right time to do something like this, in my opinion; there are definitely wrong times to embark on adventures, but I don’t really believe in the opposite. Something is always going to come up, whether it’s copyright issues, design glitches, or (more frequently) your daily life - and that’s completely okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was LFC. But LFC (as well as Rome, I’m assuming) was built with patience, planning, and perseverance.

Instead of boring you with every single detail that went into the making of LFC (although feel free to ask us questions over on the Your Turn page!), I’m going to share with you the key lessons I learned. After all, I doubt you want to read half a page on me getting to grip with Photoshop layers.

  • There are two things you should trust - your gut and your team. While my gut guided me with most of my ideas, not least due to my indigestion problems, it wasn’t always right. I am so thankful for the team that I have - Taylor, Marissa, Gemma, Jenna, and Claire. LFC would be nothing without you. In moments when I was ten steps behind, or sleeping through alarms I set to do work, you women carried me and LFC to ensure we never fell behind schedule.
  • Work with people who not only believe in your idea but can also envision it. Anyone can tell you that they think you have a good idea. Half of the time, they might not even mean it - but those that can envision the world with your idea in it… those are the people that should be working by your side. Besides for my team, who have a better design eye(s) than I do, Natalie and Molly from Blogzilla Studio are the two masterminds who actually built the LFC site. I’m so glad I could partner with two unbelievable entrefemmeurs to make such a lovely idea come to life.
  • Never stop, even if you have to slow down for a little bit. Slowing down is forgivable AND understandable. You cannot possibly be on all the time. There were moments through this whole process where I had to tell my team, “Sorry - I can’t work right now. I think I may need to sit on the floor in my closet and cry.” But the minute you completely stop pursuing something, which you truly believe in, is the minute you’re giving up on yourself. Cut yourself some slack… you’re only human, and you’re going to make mistakes throughout the process. But the biggest mistake is giving up instead of moving forwards.
  • Learn. Learn as much as you can. Ask questions about the things you don’t know about. Spend countless hours Googling how to code one simple line. Sit in front of Photoshop until you finally understand the concept of layers. The learning process is so fundamental to your development as a person. Don’t ever let it go to waste.

So, these are my major take-aways from this journey, which has only just started. As horribly clichéd as it is, you really should be the change you want to see in the world. That’s what I’m trying to do and I hope that you join the conversation and do the same.

Special thanks to Natalie and Molly for working with me so tirelessly (and with endless patience after giving me their cell phone numbers...). If you’re thinking about building a website, like we did, head over to www.blogzillastudio.com. We’ve partnered with them to give you five dollars off any purchase on their site! Just use the code LFC5 at check out and you’ll be on your way to becoming the next blogging entrefemmeur.

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