Lessons Learned

“Stand for something or fall for anything”

How did I figure out what I want? Sometimes, trial and error; I like to take chances. My first couple of stabs at the music industry were made with the influence of a lot of different voices. People told me I needed to change my name, what I needed to sing about, what I should look like and how to spend my money… it got pretty confusing. I learned that I needed to stand up for myself and what my gut told me. Don't get me wrong, I love collaborating, but the fewer voices you have creatively, I think the more pure of product you will have. I learned that the hard way in the music industry, but I am thankful it was early in my career and there is a silver lining in experiencing not getting what you want.  Now I know how to fight for it and go with what I know is best for me. What your gut wants for you. That way it’s never fake and it’s always true. I think people can tell when you don’t believe in what you’re promoting or if I don’t believe it what I’m singing about.

I have learned a lot about myself through this process and experience in this business and deciding to control my own destiny. I have my own record label and I make all the decisions about my career. Is it important to have advisors and trust in your team? Yes! But ultimately I will stand or fall knowing I did it my way.

"Write it down"

I have always been one of those people who just needs to write down their thoughts. I have had a collection of composition notebooks since I was 14 full of ponderings, wants, rants, etc. Sometimes I have so many thoughts jumping out of my head that they need to be cemented on paper in order to stay organized. I believe this is part of really knowing your true self. I HAVE to write everything down... this is me.

I even have a notepad next to my bed to write down the list of things I need to do the next day or an idea that may have jumped into my head in the middle of the night. I even have an "old school" planner (or a “daytimer” as my mother calls it) which holds my entire schedule: meetings, lunches, workouts, birthdays, holidays, notes, phone numbers, addresses, grocery lists etc. I tell friends that I am coordinating with, “ok, I’ll pencil you in... No, literally, I’m writing it down or else it doesn’t exist." I am lost with out my reminders and veer on the edge of panic when I misplace my little red planner. But, I am sure most anyone reading this will probably just put them in their phone!

I have also been this way with my songwriting. After one of those days that everything goes wrong or after a fight with a boyfriend, I go and open a composition notebook. I make sense of and reflect on my feelings or I tear whatshisname a new one… and usually it rhymes. When I look back through these journals, I can see how the dialogue is always changing with myself. I can see where I was immature, where I was right, where I needed to be more flexible, why I don’t talk to that person anymore and most importantly, I can see what I wanted. In pushing myself as an artist and being independent with my music, I always have to check in and see what I want and if an opportunity lines up with what I want.

When I was first getting into the music business, someone told me “Know what you want or else someone else is going to tell you.” Meaning, get a grasp as to what your goals are or else someone is going to tell you what your goals should be and more often than not, it’s not going to be what you want.  So I can’t leave what I want up to interpretation anymore. I write it down and I stick to my guns. Words and visuals are powerful, like making a dream board, getting a tattoo or simply making a list of things to do… I tend to follow through more when I can actually 'see' what I want to strive for. Even if it’s as simple as a single word on a piece of paper. Write down your goals so you can see them. And then, achieve them. That’s how I’m an #entrefemmeur.

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