Making Myself Happy

In my country going to college/univeristy is kind of the norm. Everyone does it. If you don’t, you’re a proper loser. When I graduated high school, I enrolled in a university thinking I wanted to be a filmmaker. A year into it, I realized it wasn’t really for me so I decided to change majors and do Media Studies. The first three years of uni were the worst three years of my life. 

Along with some other situations going on in my personal life, the stress of being unhappy at school and not knowing what I wanted for my life made me depressed. It definitely sucked and I still remember the days where I literally couldn’t picture myself actually living. I finally got help and to this day I still get it but I also found what I’d been looking for all along. My passion: Makeup. I never realized this would be it but every time I did my makeup it felt like therapy. 

After countless days and hours of research, YouTube videos, books, buying and trying makeup I decided to make it my thing on Instagram. I started uploading the looks I created onto it as sort of a portfolio and so far it’s going pretty great. I also started taking a makeup course and can now actually call myself a Makeup Artist. It makes me happy in a way I can’t even explain. They say time passes by quickly when you’re doing what you love and when I do makeup I feel as if time stopped. I love creating fun and different looks using lots of colors and taking inspiration from things I hear and see. 

I still am in uni, currently in my last year of a degree that I may or may not use for anything but hey, at least it made my parents happy? I have lots of plans for my career as a Makeup Artist, including internships, courses in the US and UK, and jobs in the industry. So in May when I get my Media Studies diploma, I’ll frame it and put it up in my parents house because I finished doing what made them happy. Now I’ll go make myself happy.

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