“NYPD Sergeant Who Raped 13-Year-Old Girl Gets Just Three Years in Prison”


“NYPD Sergeant Who Raped 13-Year-Old Girl Gets Just Three Years in Prison”

I think the sentence reflected both the evidence

that was put forth and also my client’s

(police and military) history,” Blank said.

“He spent his life in public service.”

-Roger Blank, Krull’s attorney. 

You could almost clink your fist against

his name alone: Vladimir Krull,

cruel, an olive-skinned brute, unreasoning,

the hair on his arms combed over neatly,

softening his voice to a child only if monitored

under the lens of “boyfriend material” or not,

protector or not, household provider, or police enforcer.

Bronx prosecutors said he first kissed her

on the mouth in September 2013, her mouth

swollen and pink like any ripe chewing gum,

like any tulip in bloom, tightened into a line

that weighs the words “wrong” and “right,”

teetering like a seesaw into realization

that it is theformer not the latter that takes

shape in his eyes, hard and dark like her mother’s

prayer beads. His finger and thumb overlap over

her frail wrist as it is yanked like a howling alarm

in his car, after a father-daughter breakfast

for her eighth-grade class. Krull resents anyone

that relents against his pounding fist, even

his calloused palm, when gentle is excruciating

under the umbrella of his persistent exertion,

her mind molding to his demanded coercion:

a butterfly trapped in any school’s insect

examination kit. What chrysalis will form her?

What casing metamorphize her, what now

releases her into a gapped-tooth grin, unhinged,

free with girlish glee? In the courtroom,

her eyes are lowered:

Dim and glowing like a candle’s final wick.

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