Riley Gable: Poetry Series

Riley Gable: Poetry Series

Introducing Riley Gable, a friend of LFC, who will be sharing five pieces of work with us over the next few weeks.

"Writing gives a voice to the part of myself that I fear. The conniving, rabid, sexy, dark parts—wakes her up, taps her into consciousness, and lets her take the reins. In my self-portrait piece titled, “Cerberus Sister” I give a name to this jagged alter-ego. She materializes my emotions, seeks revenge; is fire, is acid rain, and embodies herself into my work. I created her so that I could, in a way, write the rawness that I wanted without feeling the guilt and hesitations that came with my immediate filter. Creating a disjointed part of myself allowed me to awaken daring thoughts and express them, feeling no remorse, taking names. I write so that I can discover and stir all parts of myself—so that I can heal, bruise, create, destroy, and relate to others who feel these types of paradoxes within themselves. I hope you enjoy." - Riley Gable 


Cerberus Sister

Self-Indulgent, Thrashing Queen You are the embodiment of shoulder-shrugs and trembling disappointments, sacraments to untethered shuddering.

I have held you in my mirror, I have burned you at the root, Cut you at the source, You grow back wilder, More awake.

Cerberus sister, You persist as A Patrick Bateman of sorts,

Picking the skin off your lips like Loose bark on an elm,

I have tried to destroy you.

Even now, your name is not your own, Your body does not belong to you, Opening your eyes as you kiss, Distant, you see his, his, and his fear as He cuts His hand on your shattering pieces— How can I help her? What is she?

You are an enigmatic intrusion, vinegar for the parched. Like a waterbed to the motion sick.

Rigid in His arms You lose yourself to daydreams of yourself, You rock yourself, You a hum, You an out of tune hymnal.

Your nightmares pulsate, Driving the turkey baster into your next lover’s head.

All photography in this series done by Paige Farrow.

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