Which women inspire you?

"What women in history (or women from todays modern world) do you think serve as great examples for young women today?" -Bridget

Marissa: I'm always inspired by women who continue to push their ideas through and make them come to life, no matter how many different careers paths or businesses that may lead them to! I love finding amazing entrepreneurial women (old and new) who have found their passion and created a career doing what they love, to me that's the biggest motivation and continues to inspire me to do the same! I'm always stumbling across some really kick ass women, which is awesome, but some of my current favorites (off the top of my head) are: Jen Gotch, Sophia Bush, Yael Cohen Braun, Brittney Kelley, Lauren Conrad, Michaela Erlanger, and Lou Teasdale! These are some lovely women in many different industries who have a passion for what they do and it truly shows- I think that's an amazing example to set for young women today.

Jenna: Bethenny Frankel! Of course there is something so inspiring about coming from no money to building your own super successful empire - but I think her realness is important to note as well. She is a funny, intelligent, "no BS" type of woman, who is open to sharing her ongoing story with all of the difficulties and obstacles that come with it. I think her drive and confidence is extremely admirable.

Nora: Ruth Bader Ginsburg - In case you don’t know who this completely badass woman is, RBG is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. She is the second woman to ever be a justice, and now serves with two other women (which is an exciting step for us!). At age 83, RBG has spent her years fighting for equality of all humans, no matter gender, race, or sexual orientation. She really lives up to her nickname, Notorious RBG. Emily Weiss - Founder and CEO of Into the Gloss and Glossier. If you’ve ever wanted to see a perfect example of an #entrefemmeur - look no further. I’d spill more on her now but, Emily, if you’re reading this, we’d love to have YOU write a piece about yourself on here :)

Taylor: Lauren Conrad is one of my fav girl bosses of today. I have always looked up to her, but when she was interviewed & asked what her favorite position was & she responded CEO - I became obsessed with her. I'm guilty in that I found her while binge watching Laguna Beach, but I have loved watching her take over the business world. From starting out at Teen Vogue as an intern, to working her way up to where she is at now inspires me so much.

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