How can I be more confident when taking tests?

“I’m a physical therapy student in the Philippines and on my 5th year; internship (hopefully). As a normal person, I am shy and lacking confidence. Every time we have our practical exams, I get so nervous and often get a low score. How can I increase my confidence when taking these tests?” -Hazel

Jenna: Hi Hazel! So awesome to see people from other parts of the world checking out LFC :). Being confident can definitely be tough sometimes. I guarantee there is no person in this world, no matter how successful, that is confident 24/7. In my experience, what really helps me build up confidence is preparation. Whether it was for an exam at school, an upcoming presentation at work, or an interview - if I sit down and come up with a little plan for myself with all of my to-do's prior to it, I'm able to walk in feeling positive about my abilities. If I genuinely put in effort to prepare, I know my chances of succeeding are higher. Also what has helped me in the past (and still does!) is speaking with others in a similar position who can relate. You'll feed off of each other which can help in bringing both of you up. There is no one who is good at everything - I definitely have some weaknesses. Allowing yourself to accept that you're human and will sometimes fail is so important, as these experiences will absolutely help you grow as a person. Truly try to trust yourself that you'll do the best you can and you might surprise yourself!

Marissa: I think this is something that comes with time. There are days when I'm not confident in myself at all, and then days where I feel like I can do anything. For me, it took a while to figure out what I love and what I easily excel at. School was never easy for me, but in my career I've really found myself and what "my craft" is, and is something I feel comes naturally to me making it much easier to be successful and in turn feel confident in myself and what I'm doing! Don't stress, you'll get to that place where you're more sure of yourself in time!

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