How can I find new resources for freelance work?

How can I find new resources for freelance work?
Image created by  Sophia Lebowitz

Image created by Sophia Lebowitz

"I have a great job that I love but I do a little freelance on the side, mainly travel writing. I have been looking for more places to share my stuff, but I haven't found anything that really fits. I know a few of you do freelancing, do you have any suggestions/resources that could help me find a few good places to expand my reach?" -Kamille

Taylor: Having a blog/site with all of your pieces is key because you can send future employers this url to check out to see if they'd be interested in your writing style. Also, social media is super important when trying to build an audience. Tweet the links out to your pieces, post them to Tumblr, communicate with like minded writers to get feedback, or do a collaborative piece with a travel/lifestyle blogger so you both get cross promotion. I really like the site Issuu - you can digitally publish your work to look as though its part of a magazine or book and anyone on the site can read it if you make it public. You can also link these digital books to your site to create a cleaner look for the lengthier pieces. Do you research & find the companies that match your vibe and reach out to the editors or publicists to offer your services. They may pick up on your writing style for a piece, and if the audience likes it, you could become a recurring writer for the company.

Nora: Agreed with Taylor! While I've just started doing more work on my own as I've been growing LFC, I've noticed the beauty of having a website with all of your work displayed. It's a great way to keep everything organized (a plus for you) and a digital resume that allows all future employees to view your work! And this transfers over into so many different industries - my mom works in advertising (doing freelance as well) and she keeps all of her work on her own website (password protected - so if you don't want just everyone viewing some of your stuff yet that's always an option)! Also, check out where similar writers are sharing their work. If you find a piece on a site that you like, see if the writer has shared work elsewhere! Websites tend to love freelance writers, which typically means these writers will have work elsewhere. And don't worry about rejection from new places! Check out this story one of our other LFCommunity members shared the other week about continuing to write even after rejection; it definitely helped me!

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