What experience should I have if I eventually want to be come a writer?

"What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is one day looking to write for a magazine or website? Would you suggest doing a lot of internships, writing on your own blog or a little of both?" -Emma

Nora: The more experience the better! Having internships under your belt is great for a lot of reasons. It gives you hands on experience, it allows you to network, you can test out specific industries and see if they’re a fit for you. I definitely recommend applying for internships. However, writing on your own (even if it’s not for a blog) can help you out a lot too! You can use that writing to build yourself a portfolio to share with potential employers (even for internships). You can use it as an outlet to share your thoughts and opinions on things that matter to you. And, the best part, you can build your writing skills with each and every piece you write!

I am not a writer by any means. When I set out to create LFC, I knew I wanted other women to have a platform to share their voices, not a platform for me to talk. But what I have learned after writing and helping edit a few pieces for the site, writing is a constant learning and growing process. You’re always going to find new ways to discuss the things that matter to you and/or the things you want to write about. So my advice is to do as much as you can! Even if it means pulling out a notebook midway through hanging out with a friend to jot down a thought you have. Best of luck!

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