Is off-the-shoulder appropriate?

“Is it appropriate to wear an off-the-shoulder blouse to work (office setting)?” - Liz Garcia

We think, after panicking before the start of every new job/internship about what is okay to wear and what isn’t, the best way to tell what the dress code of an office is by studying the culture/atmosphere of the company at which you work. Offices across all different industries encourage or require so many different dress codes it’s hard to give an overarching definitive answer. Some companies, whether it be a small, casual startup or a large fashion hub, may be okay with an off-the-shoulder blouse, whereas a more corporate setting may frown upon this look. Our best advice for this is to see what others are doing - often looking at what others who have worked at the company longer wear to work can shed insight on what is appropriate by company standards and what isn’t. If this still doesn’t help, we recommend talking to HR. The HR team can often give you answers on company standards and regulations. We hope this helps!

Marissa: I work at a corporate company with people of all levels. In starting I dressed a bit more conservative and dressy while still staying true to my style. As I have progressed in the company and am more familiar with the culture I've totally been able to embrace my style fully, which I'd say is bit tomboyish, and totally feel comfortable in being able to dress this way everyday.

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