Programming for digital business?

"What program do you recommend for a twenty something to learn code and with digi business ambitions?" -Gabrielle Davis

LFC turned to our own digital business gal, Ellie Harry (who has helped on many digital aspects of our site), to hear her advice!

Ellie: Dear Digi Diva,

This is my LFC debut and I’m very excited, however I feel I should share with you my background before we embark on this internet adventure together. I’m a Graphic Design graduate turned Project Manager working at The Digital Fairy - a creative agency based in London - where we deal with all things digital, from social media to e-com sites to apps for clients such as ASOS, Nike, Maybelline and Topshop. All the fun big players.

You’re learning to be a girl that codes, that’s so cool! When we have projects at the agency we design the project and work with third party developers who are super experienced in the areas we need. Specialists vary so much when working to tight deadlines (e-com and apps are quite different!), we use different people depending on the project. These are usually guys and a friend of mine has adopted the term ‘coder boyfriend’ for when I have work woes - it’s so great to know there are more girls doing this! Since being given this question I’ve been speaking to these boyfs of mine and I hope between them and myself we can offer some helpful pointers;

- CODEACADEMY Personally I’ve been using this, it’s brilliant. I’m unsure on your experience, however for the rest of the world who may be beginners you can start on basics. Beginning with making and deploying a static website running all the way up to things which are so abbreviated you’ll have nailed it before you figure out what they stand for (looking at you SQL and PHP), CodeAcademy has courses which are perfect for learning in your own time.

- ADOBE MUSE Something which is so important is understanding a user journey, Adobe Muse offers a platform which lets you test these journeys a lot faster as you don’t need to write code. Some may say it’s the future of the future, I think coders/developers are the craftsmen of the future. It’s worth a look but I implore you continue to write code.

- AWWWARDS This one isn’t code related, sorry, but it’s gotten me out of a box or two when I’ve been a bit stuck. This site is so helpful for web inspo and it’s updated daily so you’ll never be bored! Keep it bookmarked.

Saying all the above I’ve learnt from managing such a great variety of projects it’s worth saying that code is it’s learning a new language. It’s worth learning and understanding the different dialects of this language so your code can be applied to all yet specialise in an area. Use this language frequent and often to make sure you’re pin sharp alongside being culturally aware (it’s good for your soul) - being self-taught is the most impressive thing, so well done gal.

Ellie x

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