What will people think if I change?

What will people think if I change?

"What do you do when you feel trapped in your life and want to change things up but friends/people at school already expect you to act a certain way?" - McKenna

Gemma: I think this is a lesson that everyone has to face growing up - you are going to change. It can make you feel self conscious, mainly about what other people will think, but there’s not one person who leaves school the same as they arrived. Try not to beat yourself up about it when it’s your turn and aspire to be a supportive friend who allows others to be themselves too. It’s perfectly possible to maintain relationships with people who have different interests - but it’s also a fact of life that you may mutually drift apart from those with whom you no longer have anything in common. Don’t apologise for pursuing your own interests and hobbies and know that lasting friends will support you - it’s a confusing time of life for most people, but being yourself will mean you look back on your school years as a time of growth and not one of hiding who you are.

Marissa: I'm a big fan of having a vision - once I create this vision for what I want, no one and nothing can stop me, not even family and friends who want me to do something different or act differently. That being said, I think you always have to do what's best for you, and sometimes it takes this insane amount of courage to get there; but if you just take the leap and follow your heart you'll find it easier as you go on, to do what you want to do in life. You'll find it just takes one or two situations where you did what you wanted and didn't listen to others and all of a sudden your inner voice starts speaking a little louder and it's a little easier to follow.

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