Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 3

Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 3

We are continuing our series with Riley Gable, a friend of LFC, who will be sharing five pieces of work with us over the next few weeks. This is part three. Read part two here.


My eyes light up with misplaced passion,
Trying to convince myself that my arrival upon
Sheer desire for unexpected adventure, was (is)
I tell myself that you can feel something for me, that
As I unfold myself unto you,
The warm-blue black creeping in through your basement,
We could be rinsed of sour intentions.

The sky lighting up outside, in phantasmal outbursts,
Your hands around my throat,
I thought, what a way to die:
In the ecstatic rapture of a stranger’s palms,
Pushing to find a purpose through the
Hollowed independence that I swore I found—

You asked me to call out your name,
But I couldn’t remember it,
I could only choke out the name to a chagrined divinity,
In iniquitous charges.

All photography in this series done by Paige Farrow.

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