Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 4

Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 4

We are continuing our series with Riley Gable, a friend of LFC, who will be sharing five pieces of work with us over the next few weeks. This is part four. Read part three here.


You lost your sweetness quickly:
Stopped draping an arm around me as you drive,
Stopped calling for me in the morning—

You wanted anyone, I think,
Anyone who would want you.
Never mind your hair in
Black ringlets shaking when you laugh
Or the exposed gap between your teeth
when your grinned—

You never asked to read my poems,
Never asked to hear me sing,
Cutting me off mid hum—

In the car, in prevailing tenseness,
You avoided my pain,
Reached for my lips instead,
Made me feel your jeans.

All of my men claim to be different,
All propose an unhinging respect,
All leave me in molding silence

All press me into parents’ basements.

All photography in this series done by Paige Farrow.

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