Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 5

Riley Gable: Poetry Series Part 5

We are ending our series with Riley Gable, a friend of LFC, who has been sharing work with us over the past few weeks. This is the part five, her final piece. Read part four here.


I revisit,
Return to you,
Or the idea of each other that we created separately.

In your distance I illuminate the admirable:
the throaty laugh that escapes your freckled throat,
The wah-wah that calls as you lean onto your toes.
But in my stronger moments, the elongated sense of independence
grappled only in your overbearing presence, do I recall the ends:

The metallic cough over the phone,
the silence more frequent than words,
The space more familiar than substance.

You find me again in my weakness and familiarity, amongst fraying church pews.

You roll my own name to me like a playing card,
like a royal flush.
A smirk, a nod,
You return to me to close that gap.

All photography in this series done by Paige Farrow.

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