Secret Code: Special Release

Back in December, we introduced you to Mara Lecocq, creator and author of Secret Code.

Lecocq created Secret Code for a few reasons, two of which being: she wanted to help with the problem of diversity in technology and leadership and she wanted to create a book that showed young girls of all colors, shapes, and sizes, role models that they could relate to.

With a bunch of princess and fairy books available for young girls, there was a lack of books inspiring young girls to experiment with technology and adventure.

Lecocq says, “I came up with a personalized children’s book that stars YOUR girl as a tech hero in a role that challenges stereotypes.”

Striving to create a story where children can really feel like they are accurately represented in society, Lecocq has now created a new level of diversity to add to Secret Code, launching on March 6. You will now be able to see personalized parents, for families with same-sex, mixed-race and single parent options.

After all, nothing takes a young girl farther than the support of a great family that opens up the world for her.


You can order a personalized hardcover picture book by visiting: The full cost of the book with shipping is $36 and it’s available only in the USA for now. Orders will arrive in about 2 weeks.

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