"Should I spice up my resume?"

"I'm currently on the job hunt and as a recent grad with few work experience, I have been trying to spice up my resume as much as possible and having a plain black and white resume seems very boring to me. Is it a good idea to stray away from the standard word doc resume? Are people already doing this and am I just late to the party?" - Liz Lemus

Marissa: I think it's definitely best to spice it up! Your resume is the one thing describing you to get the interview so I think it's best to give the best reflection of you. As a person who hires people I definitely am more drawn to resumes with a special touch or a bit of color as it stands out so much more, aside from adding that hint of personality. I think going on what job your applying for a tweaking to cater to the vibes of the company is your best bet, if it's a creative company/position I'd go with adding more, if it's not I'd do less spice and more to the point. Hope that helps! 

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