My Love of Photography and Writing

My Love of Photography and Writing

Photography, writing, and spreading as much positivity as possible have always been what makes me happiest. They are like food for the soul, food that keeps you wanting more and more each time. My love and appreciation for these things has grown over the past year tremendously, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

My career journey started when I was sitting at home almost two years ago pondering on the idea of whether or not to start a blog. I’ve always loved writing and taking photos, so why wouldn’t it be a good fit?

"However, there was some hesitation on my part because I wasn’t able to truly find the courage to put myself out there."

A few days after my initial idea, I came to the realization that a story and feelings should be shared no matter if one person reads them or if a million people read them. From that very moment I created a Wordpress account and began my blog KMARIECW.

After spending years reading blogs from incredible people like Sjana Elise and Amber Fillerup, it made me wonder, can I really do this? Now, I know everyone starts from somewhere. But in the beginning, I didn’t think I had anywhere to start from. I didn’t live in a cool city or travel all the time (I wish I did though). My photography skills were definitely not the greatest but I knew I could write.

So I pressed forward in my endeavor to start this amazing blog that was meant to be a place where I could share bits and pieces of my soul with anyone and everyone.

"My goal was to make others smile and to tell them they can be anything."

I continuously wrote and trashed hundreds of rough drafts. Trying to make a blog perfect was hard but I noticed that when things came from my heart, those posts that had meaning to me, those were the ones I was the most happy with. I tended to be extremely hard on myself, a "perfectionist" as others might call it, and I still am today. However, I’ve learned to come to terms with the idea that things don’t have to be perfect if they are what you truly feel. A connection can be formed with an audience if you’re being yourself.

After beginning this blog, I couldn’t help but want to reach a larger audience. Instagram was the way to go especially since I could share as many photos as I wanted through it. I created my account @kmariecw and began following all kinds of people. From photographers, adventurists to travelers and yogis, I knew this was the right platform for me.

Some time passed after making this account and I wanted to take it in a new direction in terms of my interactions with other people. There was one day I remember distinctly. I was lying in bed reading through the comments under a photo and I noticed someone said “I wish I looked like that."

"After contemplating whether or not to continue scrolling aimlessly or to comment back, I decided I wanted to tell that person something. 'You are incredible, amazing and beautiful as you are! Always remember that.'"

After posting that comment, a few minutes later I received a response back that I will never forget as long as I live. “Thank you so much! You’ve just made my day, the world needs more people like you.” I sat there frozen in that moment, I had the biggest smile on my face. My goal had finally started coming to life. I was finally able to connect with people on a smaller scale but with a huge impact. That has to be one of the greatest moments in my entire life.

While continuing on this path of spreading positivity, I’ve grown it to reaching a little over a thousand people - more than I ever thought I would reach. Telling other people that they are incredible, unique and beautiful has to be my favorite things to do. I've had the best time of my life for the past 407 days of this journey.

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