To My Sister
Image by  @tayst

Image by @tayst


I dedicate this perfectly timed piece to the unsung hero that is my little sister. What’s a day to celebrate women for if you’re not celebrating the women around you. Of course, there’s Hillary Clinton, the most popular woman to run for U.S. President, or the most nominated woman of this year’s Grammy Awards, SZA, but it’s unhealthy to measure success by the scale of the achievement. Let that resonate; it is one of my personal and daily struggles. You don’t need to be an international success to be someone’s hero.

So my sister, little Kelsey, the Henessy to my Bacardi, the Kendall to my Kim. For anyone who knows us, we are as incredibly similar as we are different. We laugh at exactly the same things, can rap the lyrics to the same songs, both have the tendency to overly speak our minds, and have a deep routed work ethic. Maybe it’s that immigrant family trait, or maybe it’s fact that the family matriarch is an actual workaholic. Besides our physical appearance, the differences are her lack of interest in socializing, conservative way of dressing, and most prominently that she’s chosen to live that corporate life. One might say she’s that 9-5 and I’m the weekend, right Kels? ;). Even though the idea of having to wear a pantsuit gives me hives, there’s something to be said for the people who chose that path. I really admire it.

At the tender age of 18, she was forced to grow up due to some family misfortunes. As the older sister I did what I could to help as much as I could given the 4,426 mile gap between but sometimes the responsibility mainly fell on her and she really stepped up to the plate.

Once a terrible student (rude, but true), she is now actual goals, especially for a 24 year old. In just 5 years, I’ve seen her go from a waitress in a Miami pizza jaunt, to being a property manager in upper Manhattan. A real grown up career that comes at a cost of living in one of the world’s most expensive cities on her own, with expensive bills and very little personal time. I’m sure she FaceTimes me more from her desk than her home. The struggle she faces daily as a cute young girl to get taken seriously in corporate America does not go unnoticed by me.

That being said, baby girl, this one’s for you and everything you’re doing. I appreciate the hustle. Get that paper, and show the patriarchy who gets those promotions.

Let International Women’s Day be a reminder to let someone know their efforts at making a life for themselves are appreciated by you. Sometimes just a couple kind words are enough to turn someone’s day around.

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