Welcome from Claire

Welcome from Claire

Hey I’m Claire! I’ll be doing website analysis and search engine optimization here at La Femme Collective.

Pretty exciting right? I review website data so that our team can manage the content with purpose -- but trust me, you are more than just a number to us. Through each visitor, I listen and I learn so that I can provide our team with the tools to constantly evolve LFC and better serve you, our readers (without you filling out a boring survey.)

La Femme Collective thrives on your collaborative engagement and shared experiences. It’s about all of us -- you, me, the LFC team -- a collective of supportive and innovative women coming together to shape and cultivate a sustainable community for women looking for inspiration and support.

Through my years, I’ve learned people innately want to help each other, to better those around us. With all of our distractions in life, we lose that inherent focus, the one that reminds us that life is not a competition. LFC is a platform to build a better community for professionals, to help everyone thrive. It’s a place to share struggles, to show our vulnerabilities, to remind us we are in this together.

At my current job, I’m afforded opportunities to work with small business owners amongst differing industries. The one thing they all have in common: Passion. Providing them purpose through life. Something we all seek, yet most of us rarely discover. Mostly because we’re afraid.

From the #entrefemmeurs we have already connected with here at LFC, I have quickly discovered that passion is not about comfort, it is not about security. It is something jolting you awake. It’s something that comes with hard work, uncertainty and questioning yourself every step of the way. LFC to me is a place to silence the distracting voices, a place to ask questions, a place to learn from others’ stories, a place to make you feel “okay” about diverging from the established path.

Hell, I’m not sure I know what my passion is yet. But I’ve learned that’s okay. For now, I just know I enjoy helping others find theirs. With LFC, we will all continue to meet inspiring people and hear their stories that give me (and hopefully you) that reason to keep working and keep learning.

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