Welcome from Taylor
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Hi! My name is Taylor. Some of you may know me as @tayst on Instagram!  If you haven't seen my designs - I make images of things that inspire me, people I admire, food I'm drooling over and places I’ve always dreamed of going. As the Digital and Creative Content Manager for La Femme Collective, I hope to help open a space for young creatives like myself to express what they believe in without feeling pressure from their peers, professors, or bosses - like I once did.

My current job, post graduation, is far from normal. In this new world of social media and digital influencers, my Instagram page has become my creative outlet where I have been able to connect with people I have looked up to for years, and companies I truly believe in. Last spring, I was really struggling in school, barely passing my classes and had no idea what I wanted to do in the "adult" world. I never really had the confidence to post my work publicly because throughout my entire college experience I was relentlessly told that my work was not good enough and that it would not be appreciated.

On a whim, I decided to post to my personal Instagram, to see if I could catch the attention of some of my favorite artists. What started out as a personal edit, has now turned into my business, where I get to work with people who share my common interests and who I consider to be some of my closest friends. While this is far from the typical nine to five desk job that you might associate with being 'successful'... I have created my own personal dream job. I have become my own #girlboss - my success is left to no one but myself and my hard work.

On this new journey I connected with the ever so talented ladies here at LFC. I am so incredibly lucky that my path crossed with those of this group and that we can share our experiences and knowledge with so many other talented beings. With La Femme Collective I can freely express my creativity and passion through my art in an encouraging atmosphere. This community, to me, is all about empowering female creativity and self expression. LFC has shown me the strength of women working together and through this powerful collaboration, I have found my own strength and confidence, and hope you do too.

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