Why we're launching on International Women's Day

Why we're launching on International Women's Day
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Happy International Women's Day from La Femme Collective!

The theme for this year's event is parity. But what does that mean exactly? 'Parity' is the state or condition of being equal, especially in reference to status, or pay. We decided to launch our site today because this is exactly the future we want for all of you.

The World Economic Forum has estimated that the financial gap between men and women will not close until around 2133. The rate of change on this issue is actually slowing down. The fact that we ~should~ achieve financial equality at some point, eventually, isn't good enough - and remember... it's not all about the money.

Around the world, every day, women are denied fair treatment in the workplace. Whether they're paid unfairly, their ideas are belittled or they're plainly denied the opportunity of a fulfilling career - this is not the way we want our society to be. The idea for La Femme Collective is to provide a source of inspiration and power, a spark, to help our readers (and the people whose lives they will touch) to help change the working landscape of our world.

Things might seem tough now. We face an uphill battle moving forwards. We all know this - and yet, we also know that there are incredible women out there, right now, building companies, climbing ladders and shattering expectations. We want to provide you with a platform to hear from these women and be empowered by their success.

La Femme Collective believe in your potential. We hope to give you somewhere to witness the real lives, experiences and lessons of women who are forging a path ahead, for us to follow. We want to humanise the mystical girl boss and hear not just about her success, but how she got there, the struggles she faced, and the lessons she has learned. Through sharing these lessons with a new community of ambitious young women, we want to help push forward the next generation of empowered society; supporting each other, women helping other women and La Femme Collective providing everyone with a place for exciting discussion.

Who run the world?

We want to hear from you! Comment your thoughts below, or submit your own story here!