Women's March Around the World Part 2

Women's March Around the World Part 2

Last year, we called on the #LFCommunity to share their photos from all of the different Women's Marches they attended all over the world. We were blown away by the response we got, and were able to put together an unbelievable collection of photographs and memories. This year was no different. Thank you to all of you who marched, who contributed to our newest photo journal, who wake up every day with a desire to make the world a better place. As we said last year, "THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN; WITHOUT THAT, THE WORLD WOULD KNOW NO CHANGE."

Cologne, Germany

Erie, Pennsylvania


Los Angeles


New Orleans

New York City

Orange County, California

Pensacola, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Santa Cruz, California

Savannah, Georgia

Syracuse, New York

Washington DC