Did I choose the wrong major?

“I'm panicking thinking that I chose the wrong Major (BSBA), and thinking of what my life will be like once I'm out of university. How did you know that your major was the right major for you?” - Nelly

Jenna: I think it's okay to not know exactly what you want to do or what you are going to do after university. I chose a major that is completely irrelevant to what I'm doing now. I think that being open to career options is more important - as one of the best things that will help you realize what you want to do is doing what you don't want to do!

Marissa: Don't panic! I'm a huge supporter in finishing out and getting a college degree, but that doesn't mean the major you choose in college has to be the career for the rest of your life. I'm a walking example of that, as well as my sister who graduated with a degree in Archeology (which was her passion then and she still loves), but has worked in fashion ever since, now a head buyer for several high end stores. Passion, experience and motivation will always get you much farther than school courses, although it's nice to have under your belt. As you continue to discover things in life that you love and start to pursue those things, if you work hard and have a passion for what you're doing, I truly believe you'll be successful. This could end up having nothing to do with your choices in college and you could end up changing your path several times in life (you're never too old to do something new), don't let it stress you out- just follow what you love in life and take note at what you're drawn to and it will lead you down the right paths!

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