Alex Silver-Fagan | Fitness Instructor & Model

Originally, I never knew I wanted to be involved in the fitness industry. I went to NYU for marketing and business thinking I'd be working for a digital media company of some sort. After a breakup, I consciously decided to calm down on the drinking, partying, and unhealthy habits that were no longer serving (and never really did serve) me. After some difficult life experiences, I found solace in movement and sweat. I don't think there was ever truly one moment where I realized this was my path, but there was a moment where I knew fitness made me happy - and all I wanted to do was be happy. But still, I didn't think I would ever make a career out of my passion.

I work at a bunch of different places, which keeps my schedule exciting! I work at CITYROW (a boutique fitness studio that offers interval rowing and strength classes), Solace New York (a CrossFit, HIIT, Barre, and Yoga studio), NIKE (as a private trainer and HIIT class instructor), Wilhelmina Models (as a fitness model), and for myself as a personal trainer. I have been working at CITYROW the longest, a year and half, and the others followed shortly after. What's funny is that there was never a defining moment where I decided to be a trainer and do fitness, I just let things flow, one thing led to another and here I am!

I've learned that if it's meant to be, it will be. Opportunities come to each individual for a reason, and reaching for something that isn't meant for you won't help. You have to work hard at what's in front of you and trust that the next thing will come.


Even though I started doing all of this right out of college, I do still face struggles daily, along with everyone else. Especially with this lifestyle, as a fitness professional and personality, it can be difficult to balance all of the things I'm doing. I spend my time learning from my colleagues, designing new workouts, hustling to fill classes and gain clients, teaching these classes and training these clients, balancing relationships with various brands and companies, attending and hosting events, as well as getting my own training in. The hustle is real but I love it.

Like every industry there are of course disadvantages. One of them is that it's a very small industry. Any relationship or connection you have is known and drama definitely can occur. It's also just one of those jobs where being tired is the norm... The best career advice I've received? 'Never stop dreaming. Never stop working.'

I draw inspiration from my friends and colleagues. I am surrounded by some of the most talented and strongest individuals in the world on a daily basis. It's incredible. I am inspired daily by the people in this industry and the true passion and motivation that I feel from each of them. Additionally, I truly love working and what I do which makes it easy to not really have time for anything else. Any free time I have is spent training and learning with my friends. Win/win.

I actually feel blessed to be a woman in fitness and feel it has given me some advantage - preaching girl power and strength is natural. Everyone says it... I just do it.

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