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Image by Jacqueline Ashton

Easy. serves to empower women by delivering 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products to their doors quarterly, with a portion of proceeds donated to supporting girls in Kenya to stay in school, by providing sanitary pads and health education through ZanaAfrica Foundation.

The idea grew from my own complaining and wishing that I never had to buy tampons ever again. I felt they were a pain in the ass to buy and someone should just deliver them already. So I had an idea. This was a few years back and since, other women have had the same thought with amazing services like and popping up.

I started doing my homework about offering a service like this in Canada. The more I read, the more I realized that tampon brands weren’t being transparent about the materials and chemicals that were in their products. I switched to organic tampons and I didn’t feel comfortable marketing any other type.

"Self doubt is a dream killer."

Through my research I also learned that for many girls and women, getting their period is a huge source of shame, as they lack the resources to properly deal with it. Having your things delivered to your door is indulgent. I wanted to couple this indulgence with a conscious lens and ensure that I was also making it easy for women to contribute to making access to healthy products possible for women everywhere. One of my favourite quotes is from Maya Angelou, she said, “If you get, give. If you learn, teach." As women in North America I feel we certainly have a duty to do our part to address the injustices taking place for women across the world. Easy. provides an efficient platform for women to do this continually and seamlessly.

My biggest obstacle throughout the process of launching easy. has certainly been myself. This is an idea I sat with for years and never took action on. It took my mom getting really sick last summer (I’m happy to say she is doing great today) for me to clue into the impermanence of life and realize the time is now. There will always be a million reasons not to do something, but if you have an idea that keeps you awake at night or there’s something you wish existed but doesn’t or you want to improve on, make it happen. Self doubt is a dream killer. The bottom line is we’re here for a finite amount of time, we each bring something unique to the table so why not do it in a big way.

The goal with easy. is to empower women, to build on the conversation of menstrual health and access, and to get us talking transparently about our bodies and our lives. This is a big time in history where things that have been silenced for a really long time are finally being addressed. We have such a beautiful platform as millennials and there’s no way in hell I’m going to waste that.

After all ladies… you do enough, let’s make this easy.

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