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Amber Farr is the founder and designer of Flynn Skye, a clothing company that "is made for the girl who is not afraid to take risks and lives with no limits. The girl who wakes up in the morning and doesn’t think twice about that dress she’s throwing on to grab coffee or what she’ll be wearing to lead that business meeting later. Simply put Flynn Skye is made by powerful women for powerful women." 

LFC: Introduce yourself to us through an outfit of your choice.

Amber Farr: Overalls and a girly top. Def a hat and some fantastic shoes.

LFC: Tell us a bit about Flynn Skye and how you turned inspiration from your carefree, fearless daughter into a fashion empire.

AF: Honestly, I needed to figure out how to feed my family. I lost a business and fell into design. I am fiercely competitive with myself. 

LFC: On your site, you describe Flynn Skye as made “by powerful women, for powerful women.” What does being a Flynn Skye woman mean to you? 

AF: It means being YOU. We are so used to a cookie cutter idea of what we are supposed to look like. I want to embrace the beauty in being different. I want girls to understand that strength can be feminine and smart is an asset. 

LFC: We couldn't agree more. You’ve created a brand that embodies strong, fearless women. Studies have shown that oftentimes during puberty, girls start to lose this idea of being carefree, fearless, and strong. How do you want to use your business to change the world for your daughter (and other younger generations of girls)?

AF: Since conception I have taught Flynn that there are many beautiful girls but you need to be smart. She speaks fluent Mandarin and can pretty much hold her own in any conversation. I want her and girls to understand that life is better when you don't have to rely on being a victim or not capable. Again, I think women can be strong and vulnerable. It is not easy to run a business all day and also be soft. It is a battle I have to always work on. Wait what was the question ha ha :)

LFC: You are proof that you CAN run a successful empire while being a mother. What message would you like to send to all the people who told you otherwise? (Fuck yous are totally acceptable in this situation…)

AF: My fuck you's are what drives me. I honestly can say that the girls I surround myself with never have been anything but supportive. I don't have people in my life that don't spark joy. Sounds crazy but my friend Logan said that once to me and it stuck. If it doesn't spark joy then bye bye and trust me when you get as busy as I am you get way more picky with your free time.

LFC: What advice have you used to guide your work ethic? What advice would you share with our #LFCommunity who are looking to start their own businesses?

AF: My mindset is failure is not an option. I lost a business a few years back and once you go through that you don't need outside sources to push you. I work so I never have to be back there again. When I started Flynn Skye I did it all. Then I got an employee for the first year. That was it. People need to keep it humble in the beginning. Focus on the growth not the ego...

LFC: You have many aspects of your life and career to be proud of. You’ve created your own clothing company; you’re working on changing the message of confidence for women. What does success mean to you?

AF: Success means I can do what I want. Success means never having to look at the bill. Success means I can help create a better life for other people. Success is having your kids look up to you because they saw you create a business after losing everything. Success is someone asking for you to be a positive influence (thanks LFC). 

LFC: You're welcome! Tell us about a specific moment or story in your personal life/career that you'd like to share with readers.

AF: So many. It is all a blur. You see it is weird when you are inside the bubble. I don't feel cool. I don't feel better. I feel dusty and content working with my team to create a great company. I do remember one day getting a call from my rep saying that Topshop wanted to write the collection for their stores. I remember walking into the middle of my warehouse and crying. Out of all of the lines out there they knew of mine. It was definitely a rare moment where I got to feel how far I have come. 

LFC: That's absolutely amazing. We're proud to see how far you've come! You're truly a role model for your daughter (and many others). And finally, let’s end it on an #LFCommunity favorite! What does being an #entrefemmeur mean to you?  

AF: To me it means being a force of nature. I can't tell you how many people me asking for help. After I get over the fact that I have no idea what I am doing I quickly move into the how can I help you. Helping others is the characteristic of a true entrefemmeur. Power by numbers! xoxox Love to you all xx

You can find Amber Farr online at Flynn Skye's website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

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