Bryanne Lawless | BLND PR

Landing a position in a Beverly Hills PR firm sounds glamorous, especially when landing it as your first job out of college, working on accounts like Alice + Olivia and Pinkberry. But the excitement faded when I realized I was just another cog in the machine, unable to make a real difference in the industry. After countless jobs in the media and lifestyle industry, the disillusionment was beginning to leave a bad taste. I knew the only way out was to become my own boss, start my own firm, and make the difference I wanted to see in the industry I always loved.

My name is Bryanne Lawless and I own one of Los Angeles’ premiere boutique lifestyle PR and Social Media Marketing firm - BLND PR. Pronounced “BLEND,” BLND is an aesthetically forward thinking firm catering to the lifestyle industry. We have clients that range from retail to tech, design to international hotels, and so much more.

"As an entrepreneur, be comfortable being uncomfortable."

As a serial entrefemmeur, BLND PR is my second successful business. With BLND being 3 years old, I have had to learn how to wear all the hats that comes with being a female business owner in Los Angeles. BLND was created on the foundation that I wanted to grow with a company from the ground up and build something I was passionate about. Since I am an entrepreneur at heart, doing PR for small businesses is the best of everything. I get to work with new businesses everyday and help them grow as if they were my own.

I chose the lifestyle industry because I noticed the trend in companies branding almost every product as a lifestyle product. Every product needs to breathe a relatable lifestyle and engulf the people in that lifestyle. With brands having so much competition now you really need to have the lifestyle edge in order to gain the appropriate recognition the product deserves.


Being an extremely driven person, I know what I want and I go for it. I am thankful everyday for how successful BLND PR has become and I couldn’t have done it without the incredibly talented group of women hand selected to bring all my dreams to fruition. As BLND continues to expand, I am excited to see how we can change and adapt to what the industry throws at us. I thrive on the madness and chaos, making our work exciting all the time. We’re always taking risks knowing we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The two lessons I’ve learned from starting my own agency are that there are no mistakes and everything that happens is a lesson to be learned from. As an entrepreneur, be comfortable being uncomfortable. The only way to attain your dreams is to just jump in head first, hit the ground running, and don’t look back.

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