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I started making videos because I needed a way to express the things I've been feeling. I am an actor, and most of the time I am sent a script, scramble for a day trying to memorize it, go in for an audition, live as that character for a few minutes (if that), leave the audition room, and try to let the entire thing go. I have no say after that, it goes down to a million factors that I cannot control. While being an actor may seem very freeing and creative, it actually can be very isolated, cold, and strict. It all inevitably comes down to a thousand things that have little to zero to do with your artistic/acting ability. 

Last fall I had recently graduated from NYU, got cast in an awesome off-broadway show, and had just been ghosted by literally the worst fuckboy of all time. My friend had just been screwed over by a fuckboy herself, and we were talking about it over text. She said that her dad told her the guy she was seeing "needed to take a hike". Boom. I saw it - a sketch about a bunch of fuckboys taking a hike, cause their girlfriend's dads told them too. I got a team together, including Noam Tomaschoff who has since become my sketch writing and producing partner, got a permit for Central park, and Fuckboy Mountain became a reality with my theater collaborative Cue for Passion Collaborative. It got over 15,000 views online, was featured on Funny or Die, and got me some cool meetings. I loved it. I had made it from literal SCRATCH, all out of my own shitty experience with a shitty person. It was honestly the best feeling I've ever had, better than getting a callback or even cast in a show. 

So I made more. I started a sketch company with Noam, who is also a brilliant writer. We made it as a place we could individually showcase our voices, because our voices are very different. He sticks more to political things, world issues, where my stuff is much more based in cultural events, social media, things like that. I think that's why we work so well as a team - and why in nearly ALL of our individual scripts, the other person has either come up with a key punch line or key game. 

As I said, I'm very interested in social media and how it has changed how we communicate and how we value each other. I made What Would You do for A Snapchat Story because of my frustration/utter devotion to snapchat. I wrote #BlowingUp with Noam because we were both fed up with how shallow and narcissistic social media was when tragedies like the bombings in Paris happened. We aim to make people look closer at their own choices by making them laugh. 

Another cool thing that has happened to me this year is I've joined a feminist group. It's nothing huge, but a wonderful friend of mine set it up and a group of smart, forward thinking ladies get together on Saturday morning for brunch. We each bring something to eat/drink, we are all hungover, and we can talk about literally whatever has been on our minds. The thing I love about it is that it is not aggressive. It is simply there. Through that group I have become more motivated to talk about issues women face. Because there are a LOT. That's what made we want to write Where the Eff Are All the Tampons? Every time myself or a friend of mine has gone into a pharmacy for Plan B there has been some sort of embarrassing story attached. I have, personally, NEVER been to a pharmacy that has had tampons readily available anywhere close to the front of the store. These things bother me! So I wrote a sketch, which Noam and Constantine Malahias starred in, which basically makes fun of all those situations that were really anything but funny. It's been featured on Elizabeth Banks website WhoHaha and has gotten over 18,000 views in one day. So exciting. I hope girls continue to see it and realize they are not alone in those trips to CVS at 11pm.

My dream is to have a show like Inside Amy Schumer where I can be paid to make videos with all my insanely talented friends/colleauges. Right now, I'm cool with lugging around our two lights and single camera. But it does feel like we are on to something very exciting, and it has given me a voice I didn't think I was capable of having.

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