Claire Mortifee | Synth R&B Artist

I started making friends from the other side of the veil when I was still just a tiny kid. Fairies, gnomes, angels, unicorns… even magical robots and dolphins were by my side. They were my buddies, my helpers - offering me warmth when I was cold, companionship when I was lonely, and love when I was down. My parents referred to them as my imaginary friends, and eventually I came to identify them as that too, as imagined… as “not real.” 

It wasn’t until August 5th, 2014 that the Angel who had been with me as a child made herself known again. I was alone in my apartment, preparing to return to the site of a sexual trauma that had happened a year prior. I decided to have a few breaths of cannabis, which when used intentionally, can help to connect me with a deeper presence. Something told me to pull out my Tarot deck - this would be my first time doing a real reading.

The moment I turned over the first card - The Star(s) - I knew she was with me. I Knew my Angel was in fact a real presence. I raised my eyes, gaze falling upon the full moon. She stared back at me, flawlessly framed by the single open sliver of window. 

Fast forward a few years, and this Angel is still very much present in my life. Whenever I seek Spirit, I’m offered clear signs I just can’t deny. I share this story to remind you that we’re not limited to this 3D, 5-sensed world. Yes, we are of earth, and we’re also a part of The Great Mystery, of that which can’t be named. We are spirits having a human experience. We can choose to open to that Divine Guidance, and it will show up for us in whichever ways we’re most receptive to. For me that was as my Angel.

My debut album Medicines is about opening to this magical presence as it lives within. These songs are prayers + mantras delivered as synth-y R&B vibrations, specifically made to support those who listen in experiencing their own intrinsic Love. The music videos are ceremonies of celebration. It’s been so healing for me to create, and I hope its healing for you to take in too! 

Remember: You Are Enough. You Are Loved. You Are Guided. Lean into that.

With blessings and gratitude !!