Devin Del Secco | DazedWaves

I started DazedWaves around 2 years ago, as a small Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry. I would be out shopping and see pieces that I liked and convince myself that I could make them - in fact, I could make it better. I would take jewelry pieces that inspired me and put my own flare on them. This was a fun hobby of mine, so I thought to myself, “Why don’t I make a business out of this?” DazedWaves is now its own online shop and on top of making handmade jewelry, I make reworked vintage denim jackets with beautiful embroidered textiles. The textiles are from the Hmong Hill Tribes of Thailand, Laos and China. Each of my pieces is one of a kind and I put my heart and soul into each and every one.

My inspiration can be directly pinpointed to my mother. She is an entrepreneur herself and has always embodied an energetic, creative and independent spirit in her work. Since a very young age, my mother and I would work on DIY projects and would use our creative juices to make practical things. To this very day, we are always going to thrift stores and flea markets and finding old useless items and making them into new original things.

"I found it easier to take the leap of faith in starting my own business when I was surrounded by support and like­minded people that encompassed the same drive as myself."

DazedWaves is a one women shop so of course, there are many obstacles. The hardest thing I have faced thus far is getting the motivation from myself to keep moving forward. With no one working for me, and no obligations, it is easy to lose momentum. I often tell myself how lucky I am to be given this opportunity to be my own boss and have what I create be admired. Each piece is unique and is a sampling to who I am creatively, so when I see people responding to my work positively, it gives me the momentum I need to keep going.

My advice for anyone wanting to start their own business is very simple. There is no secret to being successful or a way to avoid failures and setbacks. The only advice I can give is DON’T WAIT! Often times people give up on their dreams before they even give them a shot. Even if your business doesn’t turn out quite like you expected, at least you tried, and I guarantee that you will learn a lot about yourself and your worth ethic. Don’t get trapped in your head with your fears and doubts, be impulsive! Try it out! I promise you, it will be worth it regardless of the outcome.

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