Diarrha N'Diaye | Glossier

My name is Diarrha N'Diaye and I work at Glossier as a Product Development and Innovation Manager. It’s so funny looking back at it all, [being featured on Into the Gloss and a month later, getting a job at Glossier]. This opportunity has proven to me that (1) the universe is always listening, and (2) the energy and passion you put out in the world will always find a way back to you. If you look on my Instagram, it’s no secret that I am a huge beauty junkie and avid ITG reader/ fan of Glossier. To paint the picture, I was actually one of the shade finder models back in 2013-14 when Skin Tint was just a concept! As you can imagine it was a full circle and dream come true moment to share my top shelf with a community that I’ve belonged to for so long now. Fast forward one month, I quit my job with no solid back up plan. I knew I needed a change and one that would allow me to be passionate about what I do and also the company I’d be working for. Just then, I discovered this role at Glossier. To say it was fate would truly be an understatement. I am still pinching myself! The transition has been a beautiful and fulfilling one. I have been at the company for around three months now and honestly, no two weeks have been the same. I am a Sagittarius so I am definitely basking in the fact that every day is a new adventure. 

What many don’t realize is Glossier is still very much a startup company! As I mentioned, no two weeks are the same and the energy is electric. It’s a great feeling when everyone comes to work with tenacity, ready to build and excited to help their peers. On my team, in particular, we start our days listening. This means checking our social channels for buzzing conversations, checking Reddit (especially r:/SkincareAddiction) for emerging threads and many other beauty-specific forums for what’s happening right now. Once we get a temperature check, we move forward with our day to day project management. This differs by product but it’s mostly contingent on where we are in the development process. This mainly consists of emails/calls with our labs, internal meetings on timelines, and a slew of other logistics to make sure your new favorite Glossier products are the best we have to offer. Our days and teams are very collaborative here at Glossier. And though we’re a young brand, we’re working very hard on projects far into the future. You’d be surprised!

 [Looking back, the advice I would give myself is:] do yourself a service and be true to who you are. In the age of Cardi B, it’s even more apparent that you are your very best when you are being your true self. In order to deliver your A+ game you have to be at peace with who you are and what you represent. Now I wouldn’t say I was dishonest with myself in the earlier stages of my career [when I was interning at Rebecca Minkoff, Teen Vogue, and working at Sephora], but I was often doubtful. I was sometimes plagued with the “imposter syndrome” which translated to “I don’t belong here. I’m just a Senegalese girl from Harlem.” I found myself always trying to explain how I could be a “great fit” for said companies but today I understand how I am able to add valueto a company by bringing my different POV, obsession with beauty and truer experiences to the table. The latter always goes furthest. It’s a rewarding feeling to stand in your light. I wish my earlier self knew how liberating this feels.

My friends know I mean business but don’t take myself too seriously lol. My colleagues are slowly beginning to see that side of me. I think it’s important to learn how to laugh at yourself and show these vulnerabilities in a sense. We’re always learning and at the end of the day, we’re selling makeup to make people feel great! 

I would advise future generations to take a problem/solution approach to creating change. It’s one thing to identify a space for change, but it’s even more important to create an actionable plan to incite this change. Get organized with like-minded individuals and build out a timeline. Set those all out of the table and make it do what it do!

I am always testing products so my desk is currently a mix of all sorts of beauty products. My favorite items include my Glossier Balm Dot Com (I’m addicted), Kiehl’s Ultimate Repair Hand Salve, Marie Veronique Facial Treatment Oil and L'Artisan Parfumeur “Mirabilis” that I got in Paris. I always spritz a tiny bit before meetings with vendors and visitors. I think fragrance always leaves people lasting memories of you. 

The opportunity to do better gets me out of bed in the morning. That tingly feeling in your gut that you are able to become a better person every day. For me that means a better co-worker, a better sister, a better presenter, a better cook, a better prayer—not just all work. I am so curious what my “best self” looks like. But at night, my projects keep me up. I am naturally a night owl and actually work better at that time of the day. So my mind is always racing before sleep, especially if I have a big meeting coming up or presentation.

To me, an entrefemmeur means a woman with a clear vision, who dreams big and uses her resources to build it up brick by brick. An entrefemmeur is respectful of her environment and conscious of how her energy affects those around her. She’s a boss and won’t let anyone or thing get in her way. She’s empathetic and sees value in being a human first. 

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